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    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    EXCLUSIVE:JFK attack connected to Iram

    From our contact with Iranian underground: ( unconfirmed , one source, breaking )
    We are trying to re-establish contact for more details...

    The recent US terror attack which was maimed - on JFK- I mean has been in direct contact with the Iranian Quods brigade.
    There has been a recent TV revelation ,released only by the opposition TV, which I have taped for you and you an find it in the following link.

    In the Farsi TV document it reveals that the
    Ibrahimi who was the Dean of the Islamic research college in Guyana, was previously a trainee of the religious Qom institute in Iran.His contact with Iran was Mullahs NAMAZi who is a member of parliament and representative to Bushehre city.At the time Namazi was also the prosecutor general of the Islamic Courts in Iran.
    Ibrahimi had been trained and sent by the Quods to prepare and make ready the seeds for later operations in The South American and US continent.
    During the years in his mandate , He was in touch with the following people ;
    - Ahmad Sobhani the regime;s ambassador to Venezuela
    -Abdol Ghadir,former member of Parliament of Guyana .
    -Dr. Mohsen Nafis from Trinidad
    -Engineer Esmiil Loghman from Trinidad
    Robert hally Moussa from George town college,

    -Ashraf Ali -Guyana college staff

    ibrhimi was later killed in 2003 and his body recovered later on .For this reason off course a team was sent from the Iranian Intelligence to search on this matter.The person in charge of this was some with the nick name of Habiab Ansari, who claimed to be /Ibrahimi's wife's net of kin.
    This team later reported that a group who called themselves the phantom had carried out this terror with the help of the Guyana Intelligence and the US involvement.

    -The present accused for the JFK terror suspect, Abdolghadir had also been in touch with Iran, and had journeyed to
    Iran on several occasions.
    He'd been in touch with the following people :
    Morteza Tavassoli the Iranian Ambassador to Venezuela
    Ali Salehi an other Ambassador in an other South American country
    Ali Abbasi in Canada

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