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    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    al Qaeda Terror Group Warns Lebanon to Back Off Refugee Camp

    "The council condemns the ongoing criminal and terrorist acts in Lebanon, including those perpetrated by Fatah al-Islam, and fully supports the efforts carried out by the Lebanese government and army to ensure security and stability throughout Lebanon," the council's presidential statement said after a meeting Monday.
    In a sign that Nahr el-Bared's siege was being followed by other militants across the region, a Syrian Al Qaeda-inspired group on Tuesday warned it would carry out attacks, "kidnapping, shooting and chopping of heads" of Lebanese in Syria if the Lebanese army doesn't stop bombarding Fatah Islam.
    The group known as "Tawhid and Jihad in Syria" pledged support for Fatah Islam, according to a statement posted on a Web forum commonly used by militants.
    "We warn the Lebanese government that its vital interests, officials and sons living in Syria will be moving targets for us if it does not lift its siege of the camp," it said.
    The group in Syria first became known in November, when its former leader Omar Abdullah clashed with Syrian security forces and blew himself up on the border with Lebanon. Its name in Arabic stands for "monotheism and holy war," though the group's actual links to Usama bin Laden are not clear.

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