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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    USA Islam's proxy

    Al qaeda is dumbing down from force of pressure.

    first they were using landlines, then cell phones or satellite phones, then delivery of tapes or CD's.

    Every time they found a way to communicate they got busted, killed.

    The newest method is the Internet, while very successful in recruiting, it should have been anticipated.

    This is not some great strategy its just another level down.
    Each less effective for communication but the new uses they have put the Internet to are amazing, and effective recruiting tools.

    AQ keeps running out of options and resorts to what is ever left.

    The pressure on their communications net are emmense and USA has tracked then every time they changed.

    There is no reason to expect anything less in regards to the Internet.

    This is not some new grand strategy its jusl the only thing left to them.

    Vietnam killed upwards of 2,000 USA troops a month, hell it takes AQ
    3 years to kill that many, RIP.

    AQ continues to shrivel and shrink, and even other Muslims are turring against them, they must keep hiding deeper and deeper, it is just a matter of time, so far USA has been Islam's proxy, Islam should be taking care of this problem, is it Islam's integrity or FEAR?


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