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    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    exclusive:UNCONFIRMED, sourced, 2 pows dead: by Gerald

    Finding the bodies of two soldiers Americkin Moktewati Cape in Mahmoudia agency right-particularly after six days of continuous search at the soldiers captured three American occupation forces found today on the bodies Moktewati head back to two of the soldiers still missing in the fate of the third soldier is unknown so far. Sources said police in the city of Mahmoudia to our correspondent that the two bodies were found near one of their orchards in the city have appeared signs of torture and severe Moktewati Cape and the American forces that monitored 200 thousand dollar award to whoever any information about the fate of the three soldiers are still continuing the search for the soldier in the third thousands of American soldiers deployed along with government forces, accompanied by air cover involving fighter planes, helicopters and unmanned spy planes in different parts of the city Dhwage Mahmoudia and Latifiyah, Yusufiyah, hoping to find any evidence to lead to a third soldier missing.

    only one source so far.

    some pictures of the place where the attack took place and of the search operation

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