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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Adam Yahiye Gadahn, so cute and chubby

    "Adam Yahiye Gadahn"

    Adam is so FUNNY, his mannerism are effeminate, and the chubby little terrorist tries so hard to be scarry.
    And fails so miserably. His hand jestures are so over the pale as to be cute.

    And he tries so hard to sound adult and threating, he should be doing commericals for Walt Disney.
    He even grew a beard to look older, tougher.
    But even with the beard his chubby little face just shines through.

    Having Adam as an al Qaeda spokesperson is like Mickey mouse making anti-heroin commericals,
    he is just so funny and tries so hard.
    I makes me realize al Qaeda has no idea about American perceptions, and relieves the "TERRORISM" WITH SOME COMEDY RELIEF.
    thanks AQ.


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