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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Juba Sniper Survivor: Screw You CNN!

    Juba Sniper Survivor: Screw You CNN!

    Since I'm about as close to a lay expert on the Iraqi terrorist sniper known as Juba, let me first make something clear: there is no Juba. He's a myth. The Sasquatch of Iraq.

    Or, at least, there was a sniper calling himself Juba, but he's dead--if he ever really existed. Has been for more than a year, or more.

    How do we know? Because the very first Islamic Army in Iraq produced "Juba Top 10 video" included footage of an American soldier being hit near his Humvee. What is not shown in the Juba footage is the fact that the American survived, the sniper was killed, and this "Juba's" sidekick who filmed the incident was captured down the road, videotape in hand.

    So terrorist propaganda going around the internet recounting the alleged recent deeds of Juba are a lie. Complete fabrication. Propaganda of the worst kind.

    There are snipers in Iraq and those snipers have gotten better over the years, but the Juba videos are simply collections of jihadi snuff films that are all attributed to a single individual.

    Lance Cpl. John McClellan is a survivor of one of the many "Juba" attacks. And while CNN has no problem telling the story of Juba--a fiction of terrorist propaganda--it has yet to tell McClellan's story.

    Gateway Pundit tells McClellan's story. Check it out.
    As a child, my father was dazzled by the stories of Audie Murphey and of Chesty Puller. You know, back when our media was busy telling the stories of American heroes. Back when they wanted us to win. Now we hear stories of the heroes of our enemies, but not of ours.

    How times have changed. And if you want more on Juba, go here.

    By Dr. Rusty Shackleford


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