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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Iran continues to get Bitch slapped

    Iran continues to get Bitch slapped.
    They still are not getting the message.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    This DOG isn't going to HUNT, G.

    Covert war on Iran's nuclear program reaches into Tehran

    Iranian authorities see Mohammadi's death as ramping up the Western effort to recruit, intimidate or liquidate the brains behind Iran's nuclear progress and a warning. They are already keeping these scientists closely quarantined and forbidden overseas travel, their movements and correspondence closely monitored. But they failed to guard Prof. Mohammadi, just as last year two nuclear scientists managed to escape and apparently defected to the US: Shahram Amiri went missing while on a pilgrimage Saudi Arabia and a man known as "Ardebili" was allegedly arrested in Georgia and not seen since.
    In Jan. 2007, a leading nuclear scientist Ardeshir Hassanbpour, professor at Shiraz University died of gas suffocation at his home in mysterious circumstances. And one more or more car accidents fall into the same unexplained category.

    The attack on the IRG was a very clear message.




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