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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    London as a Target , Says Iran

    Senior Iranian Official Recommends that Iran Mark London as a Target – In Order to Deter Bush from Attacking Iran in Last Months of Presidency

    In an October 18, 2008 article on the Iranian 

    website Aftab, Wahid Karimi, director of the 

    Europe and U.S. department in Iran's Foreign 

    Ministry, recommends that Iran mark London

     as a target, since it is the capital of the 

    country that is the  U.S.'s closest ally in 

    Europe. This, says Karimi, would be 

    with the aim of ensuring that the Bush 

    administration does

     not attack Iran in its final weeks, after the U.S

     presidential  election next month and before 

    Bush officially leaves office  on January 20, 2009.


    For full report, visit


    Need to hit Iran hard, before they get nuke.Iran talks of
    targeting London before they get the bomb, what are they
    going to do AFTER THEY GET THE BOMB.

    G ( below is an example of formating of blogger in google browser )

    google browser sucks,

    its not compatiable with 

    Googles Blogger formating.


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