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    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    IA intercepts Taliban com

    Internet Anthropologist has intercepted a communiqué: we think ot is from aTaliban cell in Afghan to Mulla Omar or at least taliban admin., Our best English translation presented below. Source and authenticity unconfirmed. G

    Reference: Here.

    Praise Allah, and his blessing on the of house Omar.

    Your most recrnt communication was very wise as always.

    Your genius leadership continues to guide us.
    Saying someone elsse is committing these act in our name is understood ( as allowed religious lies to defeat the kiffer G).

    We must be sure someone else is blamed for these actions or we must not do them.

    It is very hard to control our men, the Arabs do as they please they know they are going to
    paridise soon and Allah will forgive them all, so they sin without consideration.
    We have a heavy shortage of Martyrs and have to use women, children and drugs
    to induce them or rely on trick them into bombings.

    They think themselves very holy and do not take to orders they don't like.
    And our Paki brothers most of the time are in a durg haze, to protect them from the hunger
    and cold. And their senses are dulled and often times don't hear or remember orders.
    Drugs are every where and cheap or free, marijuana to heroin and everything in between.
    We cannot stop the drug use, and risk mass desertion of we confront them to strongly.

    Many have lost many Brothers in battle and are in a constant rage, and they take their rage on on easy unarmed civilians. Many just want to kill someone and destroy.
    They are like rabid dogs, we just point the mujihideen and release them.
    And have very little control over what happens.

    Wounded members are loaded up on drugs to dull the pain and encouraged to continue the best they can, we have few funds for medical treatment, food, and the long journeys are cold and many souffer the bite of frost, more drugs.

    "to stand in front of the enemy like steel"
    Brother we do, but need medical supplies.

    We understand your orders and will comply best we can.


    NO peace talks.

    no more bombing Mosques

    NO more burning of Islamic books.

    NO more highway robbery

    No more chopping of noses and ears

    NO more beheadings.

    No more killing the general population, killing women and children.

    Nothing said about sucide bombings of market places??
    Please clarify. Brother it is very hard to bomb a market place without killing civilians.
    If we don't kill civilians how can we force them to comply with our orders?

    Do these new orders apply to the Pakistani Taliban operating in Afghan?

    Blessing of Ramadan .



    Taliban rebuild children’s suicide camp in South Waziristan

    October 6, 2008 5:36 PM ET 
    By Bill Roggio

    Qari Hussain's notorious child terror camp camp in Spinkai is back online despite a military offensive in January that destroyed the terror nursery.


    Taliban have not split from al Qaeda: sources

    October 7, 2008 10:50 AM ET 
    By Bill Roggio

    Senior US sources see no evidence the Taliban have severed ties with al Qaeda. Europe is seekign an out from Afghanistan. 

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