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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    al Qaeda, white trash Moslems

    al Qaeda, white trash moslems.

    Like some b grade movie, al Qaeda the white trash relatives of Moslems world wide, booted out of their trailer in Iraq, begging for money, sends a letter to their betters in Palestine,
    offering economic aid? And military aid.
    But Palistine knows they are broke and the military aid failed al Qaeda in Iraq.
    ISI is so degraded they are looking to attack Lions and Rotary clubs in Iraq.

    al Qaeda insults Palestine with their offer, it is a transparent plea for some place to stay.
    al Qaeda poor white trash relatives looking for a place to stay indefinitely.

    Uncontrollable, baby and women killers, using disabled mentally retarded women and children as suicide bombers, bombing Mosques and market places.

    Shoeless lazy, robbers and thief's that turn on their hosts. And kill other Moslems.

    YES, al Qaeda go to Palestine. al Qaeda have been so successful, that they lecture Palestine
    on how to also be as successful.



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