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    Monday, April 27, 2015

    Police murder response

    Police murder;
    The Police are just humans and as most any group
    there are going to be some crazies.

    Americans understand this and understand the concept
    of Police murdering people is an aberration.

    Recent videos have shown the situation regarding
    blacks is much worse than whites realized, most
    of us had no idea how bad it was for the violation
    of "being black".

    Police have unintentionally aggravated the situation
    in their reaction to suspected 'Police Murders'.

    In New York the powers in charge found the police
    officers who used a choke hold to kill a black suspect
    for selling single cigarettes not guilty.

    The Karma for their abuse of process was the murder
    of two cops setting in their police car.

    I want to be very clear here killing the two policemen
    was wrong and I have no sympathies for the man who
    killed the policemen.

    But I am going to explore the mind set that lead to
    the Police Officers deaths.

    In Fergerson the Police stonewalled the public,
    gave out no information, were not transparent
    and were secretive about their investigation.
    And that Police reaction to the shooting and death
    of the black man lead to the riots in Fergerson.

    The next case I want to look at is the Police Murder
    caught on video tape, shooting the black man in the
    back as he was running away.
    In this case the Police had arrested the Police officer
    with in three days and charged him.
    There were no riots, even though the murder was
    outrageous and egregious.

    If there is a perception of Police cover up it leads
    to riots.
    If there is a general perception of the Police getting away
    with murder cops often get shot, sadly.

    In Baltimore the Police reaction was perceived as
    a cover up, denial. Black man in police custody
    had his spine broke and the focus was "Police
    didn't do it, FOP contributed to this belief by
    by focusing on denial not focusing on finding
    the perp.
    Which lead to riots unlike the Police murder video

    The press has been very unfair to the Police in
    all these situations, faulting Ferguson Police
    response as to Militarized and now complaining
    Baltimore Police as not Militarized enough.
    Allowing looting and arson.

    The Baltimore situation is different, three street
    gangs maybe plotting police assassinations.
    Which would bring in FBI terrorist units
    and their inclusive surveillance bubbles.
    And have made the Baltimore Police very
    cautious, looting situation could be a set up
    for a police ambush.

    The Baltimore Police have shown great restraint.
    Allowing demonstrations and not over reacting.
    Seven Officers have been injured so far.
    And no tasers, or shooting of rioters.
    They are responding with overwhelming police
    presents bring in another 1,000 officers or National
    Guard to quell the riots.

    Giving the Baltimore Police 10 days to give
    a statement is an egregious error, and leads to
    the impression of a cover up, you or I would
    not be given 10 days after a murder to give a
    statement. The Police should not be given special
    treatment and should be held responsible same
    as any civilian.

    Police should be drug tested after any shooting
    as standard operating procedure.

    As we have seen Police response to any Police
    shooting helps determines public response;
    riots or no riots.


    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.



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