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    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Iran SitRep

    Iran SitRep;

    #IRAN Caliphate;
    includes 4 Arab countries, capitals.
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Damascus, Syria and
    Baghdad, Iraq and
    Sanaa, Yemen.
    Khamenei has been bragging about
    owning 4 Arab States.

    The new Iran Caliphate in Red;

    Khamenei had Iraq Government in his pocket,
    but a lot of opposition from Sunni.
    Iran now has an Iranian Army in Iraq.

    MOIS kept stirring up an Iraq civil war,
    Shia (Gov) vs Sunni.
    Leading to Gov vs Sunni old Saddam Military (ISIS).
    Which is why some Military Units just gave up
    weapons to ISIS. Sunni Mil units giving up to
    Saddam's old commanders.
    ISIS went Psycho
    And to some extent ISIS aids Iran in their strategic goals.

    And Iran's MOIS, were able to develope a situation
    where USA & Arab world took up arms against
    Iran's enemies the Sunni's area taken over by ISIS.

    Iran has to have sanctions lifted for the cash to
    develop these new Arab Countries they now occupy.

    They will sign Nuke deal they need cash to shore up
    their new Arab conquests.

    And once they take full power they can start nuke
    program in any one of their new colonies, with
    out violating any Nuke deal.

    What are they doing right now?

    #Iran building long rang missiles & buying
    #Russian air defense missiles & flotilla under
    way to Yemen Houthis & deal on Nukes

    Iran Fights for Assad Syria, 
    Against ISIS Iraq & 
    for Yemen Houthi rebels, G

     Interesting, Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen,
    weapons for Houthi rebels.

    Iran has its hands full of the spoils of war.
    Consolidation process will take years.

    (sorry abt maps, wanted to get this out fast)

    The bright spot in all this is "Equation Group"
    should have near 100% surveillance of all Iran

    A monkey wrench HERE. A monkey wrench THERE.
    I'd like to know what Obama sees?

    War Anthropologist

    New Paradigm to kill ISIS PROPAGANDA


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