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    Monday, March 23, 2015

    ISIS isn't the problem,they are the symptom

    More of our INTEL

    ISIS is a recurring paradigm.
    Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS.

    14 YRS of war and terrorism is spreading.

    At the end of WWII war ended, at that time carpet bombing
    of civilian populations was SOP, for both sides.
    The intent behind bombing civilian populations
    was to get the people to withdraw popular support for
    Governments and end the war.
    It worked the populations were so sick of war and death
    there were no Nazi resistance groups.

    In an effort to be more humane war has for the most part
    abandoned carpet bombing of civilian populations in
    favor of limiting collateral deaths.

    Unfortunately this more humane approach may be fueling
    terrorism, people become revenge terrorist.

    Arab spring was a valiant effort to try something else as
    terrorism wasn't effective method of change.

    But it was squandered, didn't realize the support it needed
    to become effective.

    If there would have been 3 or 4 successful Arab springs
    effective in making changes there would be no ISIS.

    The world does not understand the terrorist paradigm.
    They are so angry fathers will strap on a suicide bomb
    and blow themselves up.

    We are missing the point.
    Killing terrorist is a stop gap measure.
    It doesn't stop terrorism.

    Islam is codependent partner.
    The Islamic concept of Martyrs is faulty, Islam does not condone
    suicide bombing of Mosques, innocents, market places or
    Yet terrorist convince members to carry out these un-Islamic acts.
    I suspect this is because Madrasas don't teach meaning of Quran
    but teach memorization of Quran.

    The continual complaint of terrorist for 14 years has been that
    USA is at war with Islam.
    I know better and discounted that complaint as its not true.
    But truth is not the issue, "The impression, the concept is
    the issue."
    True or not isn't the issue, terrorist believe USA is at war
    with Islam. And terrorist SELL IT.

    They sell it on Twitter, a world wide person to person
    communications system.

    Shutting down Twitter ISIS accounts is a stop gap
    action also,
    as Anonymous is so fond of saying
    "You can't kill an Idea."
    But one can counter lies, expose propaganda,
    explain and prove 'truths'.
    Expose the message for what it is;
    USA at War with Islam; A LIE.

    They are not GOOD at it, and are amateurs.
    Based on the number of supporters and average number
    of life time of tweets, they post at least a Million tweets
    before they get one lone wolf.

    ISIS SUPPORTERS HAVE PUT OUT + 100  million tweets
    46,000 supporters x lifetime tweets 2,200= 101,200,000 tweets.

    Minimal impact for 100 million tweets.

    Ask any advertizing person thats amateurish.
    They throw massive number of tweets and hope some of
    the BS sticks to the wall.

    Social Media is a Western invention, and the terrorist are
    using it against us.
    And able to convince enough Muslims that USA is at war
    against Islam to draw enough recruits to sustain themselves.

    ISIS realized Twitter is where the hearts and minds are won.
    They are using Twitter in ways most users are not aware of.

    They use coded hash tags, to reach members looking to
    connect with ISIS leadership.

    We have the codes and got over 16,000 impressions using
    the correct password hash tags, on just one tweet.

    We have done many as 60,000 targeted ISIS impressions in a day.

    ISIS is using other applications that use a tweet as a trigger for other
    applications to spread ideology.

    Americas response has been diminutive, or left to civilian operators.

    The expertise is out there and operating successfully and
    not employed.
    Response to the terrorist on twitter has been amateurish.
    We can easily over power jahidies rhetoric.
    Reverse the concept that America is at war with Islam.

    Stop ISIS Propaganda;
    EMPLOY ad agencies, 
    to overwhelm propaganda, 
     @WPP Group @Omnicom Publicis Group 
    @DentsuAmerica  #BBDO

    Political Ad Agencies would be especially adept at
    winning hearts and minds, 'getting votes'.
    Convincing Muslims that America is not at war with them.

    Ad Agencies convince people to buy a concept or
    item 24/7.
    World pays $1+ for a 2 cent bottle of flavored colored water,

    Production cost 2 cents

    We have proof of concept, elections and Coke.

    We don't have to convince terrorist we are their friends,
    just that USA is not at war with them.

    If we can do that to some measure, that alone will cut
    the legs out from under Terrorism's recruits.
    For all terrorist groups.

    Ends much of the motivation for terrorism.
    And Twitters appeal is world wide,
    Terrorist in most all countries read twitter.

    ISIS uses twitter not very effectively,
    but USA has the Big Guns to be effective.
    And finally actually reach some hearts
    and minds.

    War Anthropologist


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