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    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    RUSSIA micro blog in @tweets

    More of our INTEL

    RUSSIA and Rossiyane,

    micro blog in @tweets

    @PutinRF_Eng "Why stop, ALL IS SUCCESS,#Georgia,#Crimea,#G8, #Ukraine NO ONE DARES TO INTERFERE." @BarackObama @NATO

    RUSSIAN RUBLE CHEAPER than toilet paper, G #HedgeFundAlert #SHORTruble one roll 100 sheets = 150 rubles @PutinRF_Eng

    COUNTRY with the Economic power of Italy threatens Europe & USA, Russia’s 2013 GDP was $2.1 trillion, and Italy was $2.07 trillion, G lolrof

    Shift of power in the Kremlin: Security Service takes control Sep 6, 2014
    “Politburo” GONE, the siloviki in power, G

    @PutinRF_Eng quietly end the Politburo,at the start of #Ukraine war? Putin now making all decisions solo poker, the siloviki in power, G

    2015 Russia mil budget all time hi $26  bil, USA MIL BUDGET $664 BIL.
    @KremlinRussia_E @mfa_russia @MedvedevRussia @advorkovich @mgorbachev

    #Russia @PutinRF_Eng is spending over $2 billion usd, a day support ruble, high burn rate+at current deficit, only 6 mos $$$ remain,G CRASH JULY 2015

    chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs
    Алексей Пушков
    @Alexey_Pushkov BLOCKED ME, G

    "Russian troops show higher combat preparedness" – Defense Minister. Untried in combat & out dated weapons & C2, G

    Forget the 1%. In Russia, just 110 people out of 140 million control 35% of the total wealth 

    @PutinRF_Eng while stealing land from Ukraine why not take Chernobyl? Russia created it,UN should insist U take IT, G

    Stress test your Russian bank;See if you can withdraw your funds for a day,G #russianBanks

    Russia Pensioners, National Welfare Fund loose $83 Billion Putin Using It to bailout banks,G

    @RT_com =Official Kremlin news ( Kremlin Official line)

    RUSSIA;free-falling currency,crashing economy,gross mendacity,paranoid,engaging in ACTS OF WAR,assassinating critics,
    Putin=world contempt,G

    BREAKING 10 russian tanks invade Stakhanov #Ukraine VIDEO  

    @PutinRF_Eng GENIUS spy penetrated @NSA, #Snowden,but #Ukraine destroying Russian economy, G

    A-10 Warthog TANK KILLERs forward deployed to deal w/ Russian aggression,@KremlinRussia_E @mfa_russia @MedvedevRussia 

    Stop Russian/Ukraine invasion tomorrow, cut Russia banks from "SWIFT BANK SYS" CLOSES their Banks,till putin pulls out G @mfa_russia

    RUSSIA / #UKRAINE invasion; A) Arm them, repeat "Russia/Afghan" OR B) Cut Russia from "SWIFT" all banks close. @BarackObama @Martin_Dempsey

    Rossiyane; "Bank bail out before Russisch Brot" #Moscow @KremlinRussia_E @mfa_russia @MedvedevRussia  @mgorbachev 

    Russia Pensioners, Natl Welfare Fund GIVE $83 Billion Putin to bailout banks,G  … #Moscow 

    Russian Envoy to OSCE Says West Must Stop Backing Ukrainian War Hawks while Russia is invading Ukraine- 

    Iran, Russia to create joint bank for national currency trade..worthless rial for worthless ruble, ROFLMAO, G - 

    SO Russian econ collapse begins;Russia’s SB Bank stops client withdrawals,can't get Ur money,   via @WSJ #bankholiday

    S&P cuts Russia foreign currency rating to junk  via @WSJ

    Russia Warns Exclusion From Swift Tantamount To “War” Equal to invasion !!??   Would close banks,G

    Putins #Ukraine invasion has a DEADLINE,JULY 2015 RUSSIA IMPLODES,runs out of $$$ & gold,G @mfa_russia @MedvedevRussia 

    Russia PM Dmitry Medvedev's plan to recapitalise banks ready by end of month -  recapitalise banks every  6 mos, G

    Ministers Offer Putin $21 Billion usd Plan to Save Russia's Economy: NEED $350 BIL usd,just to hold back recession, G

    #Russia spending $3 bil a DAY Buying Ruples with USD OR gOLD,The Result? see chart.
    Gov trading Gold $$$ for rubles,G 

    Russia's oil and gas economy 'exhausted' - Medvedev - 

    Leonid Bershidsky: Putin's Russia will become a 'besieged fortress' as it ... - 

    Has 15 years of power gone to Putin's head? -  HE RESTARTS cold war w/ USA DESTROYS RUSSIA, #Ukraine

    RUSSIA rolls out horse cavalry,@PutinRF_Eng   two war domains behind USA, cyber & economics, SECRET WARRIORS,G 

    China Prepares To Bailout Russia,$24 bil, lol, Russia spends that in mo to support ruble

    Russia gold reserves down $4.3 billion in one wk,supporting Ruble 

    Thousands protest in Russia over cuts to health services  NEED $$$ for Ukraine invasion  @ria_novosti @RT_com

    Russia and reconciliation in Afghanistan @PutinRF_Eng TRUST ME, " look at Ukraine "  

    #Russia invading #Ukraine; @PutinRF_Eng " @BarackObama isn't going to do ANYTHING; Why not invade" 

    Russia @PutinRF_Eng no mil threat to USA,OUT DATED,UNTESTED,CORRUPT, NUKE? MAD established for 70 yrs, Just #Putinutty BLUSTER, G 

    Vladimir Putin blames US for Islamist terrorism and Ukraine conflict and cold Russian winters 

    Russia no longer world power just #Ukraine's bully, G @PressTV 
    Rus mil budget $26 bil
    US MIL BUDGET $668 BIL, G 

    .RUSSIA's weakness could bring down @PutinRF_Eng robber Government,ENTIRE RUSSIAN ECONOMY AT RISK,G @MedvedevRussia

    ABOVE Some of our Russian @Tweets, G


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