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    Monday, October 06, 2014

    Lone Army Ranger surrounded, in Syria.

    Lone Army Ranger surrounded, in Syria.

    A lone Army Ranger got separated from his unit during a night time ambush.
    He was out of ammo, grenades and spotted by the ISIS.

    His Radio had caught some flack and wasn't working and he was low on water and had a flesh wound.

    The ISIS decided to attack him before search and rescue could be called in.

    The ISIS leader, Al Baghdadi is looking for a hostage to Torture.
    Al Baghdadi responded, "we have been walking on his footsteps, and following his methods. We are still following his strategy and working to finish him off."

    Al Baghdadi decide to flank the Ranger, he sent in a squad of heavily armed Arabs from the East and from the West , while he held the middle ground as the Anvil, surrounding him.

    Most of the fighting was in the back of a small Mountain, in Al Baghdadi holding the front.

    The fighting went on for 3 hours.

    One of Al Baghdadi scouts returned with his field report, he was wounded, a gasping chest wound and had lost a lot of blood, His report was given in ARABIC, it was:... "look out its a trap... the Ranger has a Knife. "



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