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    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Who sabotaged the Kaliphate?

    WOW almost a real Kaliphate.

    Iran providing Iraq Gov w/bombs & bombers,
    killing Sunni's wholesale, backlash to
    Iran's Shia & Iraq Gov Shia & Iran's actions
    Sunni's started a Kaliphate in Northern Iraq
    and extended it into Syria.

    USA not too concerned if Iraq wants to split
    into two. Its Iraq's country can do as they wish.

    Could even be a check against Iran's Shia influence.
    USA would like that.
    And more fighters to take on Assad, this could work
    all the way around, WIN.WIN.

    USA Could even give them arms aid etc.
    Let them beat Assad and take Syria,
    another problem solved. 

    USA could live with that.
    An Islamic State, a Kaliphate.
    No problem.

    Then reports of genocide of people on mountain,
    rapes. crucifixions and beheading two American

    Whoa this isn't gona work, and now making
    threats against America and its people.

    40 countries join USA AGAINST ISIS.
    Rolling Air Strikes for months.

    The level of violence GUARANTEES 
     #ISIS =EPIC FAIL, Who in Daesh leadership 
    wants revolt & failure of Caliphate?

    If ISIS stopped the slaughter,made a deal w/ Iraq & Turkey YOU COULD HAVE 'THE KHALIFA" W/out a WAR

    Who is sabotaging the Kaliphate? 

    Why the slaughter?
    you have appointed Allah your surety. 
    Verily, Allah knows what you do."

    Qur'an 16:91

    خلافة‎ khilāfa,

    Internet Anthropologist


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