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    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    "Lone Wolves" NEW

    This is a little scary.

    I apologize if this disturbs any family
    members. I may be wrong.
    Family, friends  of beheaded STOP

    I've seem the first two beheading videos,
    many times. And they disturbed me
    for the WRONG reasons.

    The Pearl beheading video I watched
    5 times, and ran numerous analysis on
    it when it was in the news..

    I'm calling the two recent vids "2"
    The Pearl vid I'm calling "1"

    The difference is remarkable.
    My gut feeling is backed by observations.
    and I believe the hypothesis HOLDS together.

    Please view my observations as bricks.
    They are real and exist.
    Wait till you have viewed all the bricks
    before you come to a conclusion.
    Thank you.

    The two "2" had been converted to ISIS's
    version of Islam.
    Both believed they were being "MARTYRED".

    They were not just saying words, they believed 
    what they were saying, their focus was not on 
    saving them, but the bad things they accused USA 
    of doing. 

    As I remember it took several guys to hold "1"
    when they started beheading him.
    A knife was going into his throat,
    his throat was being cut, sawed.

    But "2" both acted like they were taking communion.
    held heads up and didn't struggle.
    Almost like they were willing participants.

    And the video cuts away for the actual beheading.
    Showing the head on top of the body after.
    A head on top of a body is ok to video but
    not the cutting.

    "1" didn't see knife until the last min.
    and struggled like hell.

    The cumlation of these obversations
    leads me to believe something is going on.

    But HOW? WHY?
    It could have started out as a Stockholm
    Identifying with their captor,
    hoping an earnest conversion might keep
    them alive.
    Under threat of death daily it became real.

    Then they start their programing.

    How are they using Islam in their false jihad?

    How Islamo fascists recruit the boy scouts demographic.

    They question your faith, your commitment to Allah?

    Do you want to go to heaven?

    Do you believe the Koran?

    Invite you to a small meeting with a few special people.

    The recruitment never involves actually asking you if you want to be a suicide bomber.

    The question comes in the form of a challenge of your commitment to Allah, to Islam.

    If they believe you are easily influenced, and they can intimidate you, then they will start an "education program" of carefully crafted propaganda. 

    A special spin on Islam, the Koran and world news from a extremist view.

    You are inducted into "the special group". Where they use peer pressure and slowly get you to cut off all connection to your real family. They slowly set up the special group as your "new family". 

    So the new family can influence your thinking. Instead of presenting their political agenda and goals, they form these into the an twisted type of Islamism.

    Their political agenda is presented as Allah's will, his plan.

    Their motivators are 76 virgins, paradise in heaven, fame, and get you to believe you are working for Allah. Not that you are working on building their political and power base.
    The same motivators the boy scouts use, super sized times two.

    Each cell has a dominant key actor to recruit and influence the boys.
    He is well funded, with training manuals easily available on the Internet.
    You are eventually invited to live with this special group as a means of separating you from your real family and creating a new family for you. Living in their environment and the group pressure insures "right thinking" in terms of their propaganda, and twisted belief system.

    They bastardize Islam to their own ends, thru repetition, discussion and modified religious beliefs.

    The individuals are controlled through peer pressure, isolation, prayer, and exercises and physical punishment for rule violations, which can include death if you threaten the security of the group. 

    Moderation is strictly outlawed with severe consequences.

    Counter thoughts to their twisted preaching are controlled with threats of damnation of your soul, family, and threats against your life.

    Eventually the recruits believe the propaganda and twisted form of Islam and come to the conclusion they want to be a suicide bomber. You will believe you come to this conclusion on your own but you have been spoon fed information and carefully lead to a position where you will believe this is your own idea, and the entire group will also "discover" it to is their conclusion also, any doubt will be dealt with very strong peer pressure from your "new family". You will not be allowed to visit your own family, either through peer pressure or training regimen.

    Once the group becomes a unified family, only dependent on each other and committed to each other and following orders blindly then will you start training for your political/suicide mission, which your master/controller/leader will not die in.

    The method of combining religion, propaganda and peer pressure will work even on highly educated westernized recruits given enough time and isolation. They twist your commitment to Allah and Islam into some unholy jihad.

    If they were able to recruit the "2" to martyrdom,
    Then they may be training/programing other Westerners 
    into lone wolfs.

    If the recruits meet their families then this
    may crash the whole program.
    Refusal to be a lone wolf.

    The recruits are used to a dominant key actor,
    steering them, controlling them.
    So they won't come alone and will not visit 
    There may be as many as 5 in a group.

    Which gives USA etal a profile.

    If my hypothesis is correct eventually
    ISIS will release the martyr video for both.

    One of beheading vids

    I would like links to other two videos.


    I am pretty scared to die’: American ISIS hostage writes emotional letter to parents

    Internet Anthropologist
    Ad Magnum



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