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    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    What we know about Boston Bombers

    Paradigm Intel;

    We will start with the explosion.

    It was white smoke, that indicates it wasn't

    White smoke, possibly Black gun powder.

    The bomb its self appears to be a partial
    mis-fire, inital outward explosion then
    a rolling billowing smoke upward.
    Initial successful explosion, followed by
    burning gun powder, ie not exploding,
    partial fail.

    FBI took over investigation.
    Ball bearings used in bomb.
    News reports the have unexploded bombs
    for study, but feds not talking. False no
    additional bombs.

    With in hour, after AFT got on scene and
    had a look at bombs & damage,& they
    thought they recognized bombs signature.

    NY, DC went on high alert followed shortly
    by San Fran & LA.

    FBI agents flooded Boston 100's.

    Possible AQ operation?

    In intact bombs they found no finger prints,
    so no names, 18 hours later no suspects.
    No videos, no photos. Most bombers don't
    worry about finger prints as they will
    be blown up.

    Invisible bomber = at least semi-professional

    Bomber of course know all about their bombs
    so why are FEDS being so closed lipped?
    Refusing to indicate number of bombs or
    even type. Or method of denotation, nothing
    from Cell towers or number of phone setting
    bombs off.

    No solid leads. They got through FBI's National
    terrorist screen, CIA had nothing on their radars
    either. NSA No chatter or background noise.

    Smells like lone wolf sleeper.
    Feds went on high alert both coasts, did
    they think it was not local bomber.

    Lack of any leads points to one person,
    no bomber leaks,no loose lips, Ted Kaczynski
    type operation.

    Blasts low to ground, 10 amputations.
    Indicate bombs may have been put into
    trash containers early, when nearly empty.

    This may take quite awhile.

    Pentagon; Taliban & AQ tentatively cleared in
    Boston bombing, G

    Internet Anthropologist


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