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    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    USA just won GWOT

    Just as important as what happened
    in Boston and maybe more important
    is what didn't happen.

    Pentagon has tentatively cleared Al Qaeda
    and Taliban from the Boston bombing.

      “”We believe in attacking US and its allies but we are not involved in this attack,” (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told Agence France Presse,
    about the Boston bombing.
    Motivation for publicly denying responsibility? DRONES.
    If Taliban met certain conditions Drones could be pulled back.

    Al Qaeda fourm member said in private
    DM & I'm paraphrasing him.

    "No attacks on CONUS or they will
    spend $2 trillion dollars to rip off 
    your head and shit down your neck
    for 11 yrs."  

    So far there has been no claim of responsibility, something that in the past was a characteristic of al Qaeda’s attack methodology. Senior jihadists monitored by Western intelligence agencies on the Internet remained silent in the hours after the bombings, officials said.

     One jihadist identified on Twitter “Nasir Qa’idat al-Jihad” said the attack was significant for breaching security at a major event in the United States and that whoever was behind the attack was not as important.
    But it was not done by any terrorist Jihad  Group, they would
    hit the trip wires.

    The message is heard "attack CONUS
    at your own peril. where ever you are
    in the world".

    I sleep sounder tonight even if there
    are crazies out there, they are our 
    crazies & we will get them eventually.

     Its gona be OK, G

    The 1% of the population that are crazy
    will always be with us, they fit into
    the school mass murders demographic.

    While the things this demographic do
    are terrible, they are NO Al Queda.

    Internet Anthropologist



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