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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Taliban can't be defeated

    Under current circumstances the
    taliban have the upper hand.

    The taliban come from the orange area of the map.
    The line down the middle is the Durand line.
    And is very important to the taliban.
    For the taliban it doesn't exist,
    except as a barrier to both Afghan
    and Pakistan.
    The taliban are to some basic element
    generic. All from the orange area.

    The taliban play both Pakistan &
    Afghanistan for suckers, playing
    them against each other.

    Taliban have safe areas,sanctuaries
    in both Afghan and Pakistan.
    Places in Afghan where Pakistan
    cannot pursue the taliban.
    Places in Pakistan where Afghan
    cannot pursue the taliban.

    So any concerted actions against
    the taliban leave them a safe area
    to retreat to, from either Pak or Afghan.

    That virtually makes them unbeatable.
    they always have a safe place to go to.
    To regroup,train,heal in safety.

    And astonishingly both Afghan &
    Pakistan accept this situation.

    taliban decide when & who to
    attack, then retreat to safety.

    So the taliban are set with locations
    neither Afghan or Pak can hit them.
    The taliban decide when to engage,
    and are protected when not in battle.

    As long as this situation exists the
    taliban can't be defeated.
    As long as Afghan & Pak accept
    this paradigm they are at the mercy 
    of the taliban.

    Afghan cannot attack taliban in Pak,
    and Pak cannot attack taliban in Afghan.
    You cannot obtain victory if you cannot
    attack the enemy.

    There is a way out of this paradigm trap.
    A way both Afghan & Pak can attack
    taliban in either Pak or Afghan.

    Develop a JOINT ARMY, composed 
    of both Pak & Afghan troops, for 
    cross Duran line hot pursuit.
    In Afghan the Afghan troops are
    in charge, in Pak the Pak troops 
    are in charge.

    This Pak/Afghan paradigm eliminates
    taliban safe areas.
    Then it is possible to defeat the taliban.
    as they can be attacked on either side
    of border. NO MORE SAFE AREAS.

    Taliban working on talibanization of Pak, OBJECTIVE? Nuke weapons, G 

    What is EVIL? PRACTICAL DEF;Using children as suicide bombers,targeting 14yr old girl4head shot,beheadings,bombing Mosques,Polio shots. G

    #TalibanIsNotIslam #talibanNazisOf21stCent

    There are 2 Talibans, separate DIFFERENT but BROTHERS. That is how close they are, SAME,one, Paying Pak against Afghan, working together, G

    Afghanistani REPORT location of Mullah Fazlullah, we do rest, #Malala

    In the mean time,
    while we wait for the JOINT FORCE;

    TIRED of suicide bombers,beheadings,taliban? Report taliban locations,names,we do rest,

    taliban do not OWN or run Pakistan or Afghanstan ,Report taliban locations,names,we do rest,

    Only if Pakistan & Afghan work together
    against the taliban can they be defeated.

    Its up to Afghan & Pakistan to defeat
    taliban. In 3 yrs USA will be gone.
    You have US Mil assistance for 3 yrs.
    Then your on your own.
    Your choices, your terrorists.
    Your Karachi, Malala.
    You decide.

    US can't defeat taliban, but can
    help YOU do it.

    What taliban insiders say
    about this;
    War Anthropologist
    Ad magnum


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Taliban accidentally CCs everybody on its mailing list

    5:02 PM  

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