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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    John McAfee Wanted for Murder In Belize

    Computer Security Pioneer John McAfee Wanted for Murder In Belize

    Last time I was in Belize was on an archaeological
    expedition 10 yrs ago,

    Back then you had to go to phone company
    to make a phone call, no cell phones.

    Out in the jungle it was not uncommon to
    meet armed men.

    90% of population speak English,
    and everyone speaks US dollar.

    Open sewers & gas stations were
    barrel of gas & hand pump.

    Belize Recreational Area, about 500 square miles of waterfalls, caves, Mayan ruins and pyramids, Belize Alps, foothills, ranches and farms, tourist accomodations of all types and description, tours and expeditions for vacationers and visitors. Even a small growing expatriate retirement group of people from different countries.

    A reward for McAfee would produce results.
    While cell phones not wide spread, and expensive,
    and coverage not complete, sightings would be

    There is enough uncharted space in Belize
    to easily hide, he has to make contact for supplies
    or have locals do so for him.
    That is his weak point.

    Belize is stable & relative safe.
    Unlike some surrounding countries.
    I think Belize would be his hiding place
    of choice.

    He will also be limited to cash on hand.
    Withdrawing funds will be tricky &

    There is some GANG activity in Belize now.
    His best option is to Lawyer up & surrender.
    Fight this in court, case doesn't look locked.


    Gerald in Belize 1993



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