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    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Benghazi Investigation;PROBLEMS

    Revealed some real problems.
    Investigation HERE;

    First was the confusion over security
    between State Dept. and the CIA.
    CIA thought State was providing
    their own security and State thought
    CIA would provide security as needed.
    There needs to be a survey of all 
    embassy's to be sure this problem
    doesn't exist else where.

    Second is why there wasn't sufficient
    Military back up in theater, no excuse
    for this.

    Third is question about Rice's statements.
    It becomes obvious Whitehouse changed
    Intelligence assessment about terrorist
    assault on Benghazi.

    As nutso as the GOP was during the election
    its understandable.
    And also didn't make any difference.

    The GOP will still have you believe
    al qaeda is still strong.

    It is not, our BSU's Bot Surveillance 
    Units maintain world wide watch 
    on al qaeda wana bees. 
    OPSEC won't allow me to explain 
    But interest in aq is almost NIL 
    world wide. But many other groups
    criminals are picking up the aq flag.
    Its not new interest, just rebranding
    of current bad guys.

    The Benghazi attack was not well 
    planed. The attack each time was 
    repelled by a weaker and under 
    gunned force. The attack while not 
    spontaneous, was not professional.

    They broke off quickly, retreated
    when under fire from an inferior

    On the heels of this incident was 
    the Gen Petraeus  resignation.
    He and the other commanders of
    the Afghan conflict remained oblivious
    to the self defeating paradigm they were
    operating under. GOOD READ;
    Taliban can't be defeated

    Pakistan allowed and covered Osama Bin 
    Laden when he retreated from Afghanistan.
    Providing intelligence and cover for 
    him & AQ.
    Pak Mil & ISI defense in depth is cover
    story for disruption of the Afghan Gov. 
    when US leaves Afghan.
    The ISI is not under the control of the
    Pakistan Government.


    Ineffective ISI compromised by TTP blackmailing ISI over OBL,

    Pak Gov,Mil is not fighting, going after TTP taliban,Paks deserve to know WHY … 

    Look at leaders of TTP. morons, tell me ISI isn't guiding them, couldn't tell left hand from right w/o nose,

    I trace Taliban from 7000mi, but ISI can't find Taliban,but they couldn't find OBL either, #Malala

    US backed legit war in Libya,
    but is not backing legit war in Syria.
    Why? IRAN connection.

    Gaza sitrep;
    hamas & Iran planed civilian deaths, Psyops,G

    War Anthropologist


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