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    Saturday, October 06, 2012

    PTI drone march, Pak surrender

    PTI’s peace march to South Waziristan

    Khan to be held personally responsible for
    safety of CodePink Americans marching 
    with him.

    Pak Tribune censoring comments: sad,

    Comment they refused to print.

    A March against the deaths of children, surely
    everybody supports protecting children and civilians.

    PTI march raises questions, they are marching to
    SW a taliban strong hold, a taliban sanctuary.

    T've read accounts of intended meetings with
    Omar, taliban butcher, beheadings, suicide 
    bombers, bombing Mosques, Market places,
    killing Muslim women & children.

    Will Imran Khan kiss Omar, suicide bombers,
    take tea with them?

    If Pak ended the sanctuaries, the drones 
    would have no targets.

    The taliban have never kept even one peace
    treaty, they have no honor, suicide bombers
    beheadings, you know better than I the sickness
    the taliban are.

    The taliban ARE NOT Muslims, they have made up
    their own religion and call it Islam, it isn't.

    Why hasn't Pak Mil and ISI taken on the
    sanctuarys? There are 10 to 20 killings each
    night in Karachi.

    The Mil & ISI swear they do not support the 
    taliban, giving them the benefit of doubt,

    The hypothesis narrows down to the obvious.
    Why has the mighty Pakistan Military ignored
    the sanctuaries? 

    Why do they allow this scourge of Pakistan
    to exist?  Allow beheadings, suicide bombers?

    More on that in a min.
    The taliban are playing Pakistan for suckers.
    The takiban raid Pak fron Afghan and
    raid Afghan from Pakistan, playing Pak against 
    Afghan AND Afghan against Pak,

    Why is there no JOINT Pak/Afghan force
    for hot pursuit across border both ways?

    The drones are a symptom of a greater problem,
    In Afghan US is talking to taliban, there if they
    break treaty US can kill them, US doesn't
    have that leverage in Pak and are reduced to
    droning, US would rather engage in combat 
    w/ taliban.

    But are prohibited from fighting taliban in
    SW & NW, and the Pak Mil allows
    the sanctuaries.

    We have a march against the drones but
    no marches against the taliban.
    No marches against suicide bombers,
    No marches against beheadings.

    Has cowardice crept into the Pak
    character? I love Pakistan and want to bite
    my tongue off for saying that. But I know
    what Pak has been through in the past 20 yrs,
    I am very proud of the progress they have made
    and all their accomplishments.

    I am aware of the battle & fighting capabilities
    of the Army.

    So I am puzzled why they allow taliban sanctuaries?
    Why Pak puts up with all the killings, suicide bombers,
    beheadings, taliban are NOT Muslims, they don't
    follow the Quran, they ARE Tâghû.

    If I had gone through the years of taliban terrorism
    & bloody brutality maybe I would be afraid also.

    My sincerest wish for Pak is peace, tourism,
    a place I could visit.

    Pak seems to dance around the main problem
    dealing w/ related issues but not the source.

     Mea culpa, mea culpa,mea maxima culpa

    Internet Anthropologist


    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Of course the author will not approve this comment.

    5:26 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Article: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan retweeted and Juan Cole, along with 55 others retweeting post, G

    6:44 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Hours after the march, Taliban TTP shot Malala.

    11:14 AM  

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