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    Monday, October 08, 2012



    Hedge funds & TRADERS CONTINUE ECONOMIC WAR ON IRANIAN RIAL, reap huge profits shorting Rial, forecast continue DROP, DEATH SPIRAL FOR RIAL,G

    Iran... from fake election to fake dollars! -

    #Iranians do NOT leave RIALS in bank,if bank fails,U loose,Regime can freeze accounts,or force U exchange for NEW near worthless Rials2 G

    Some Iranians turned away from banks as banks don't have cash to cover deposits, G #IranCrisis #Iran If banks refused U your money pls tweet

    Iran Set to Introduce Second Official Currency -  Iranians holding old RIALS face huge losses,CONVERT TO ANY THING,G

    Iran considers issuing new currency, those holding Rials will bear heavy losses,those w/ gold or US$ will profit handsomely, G

    Iran can swallow"atomic cooperation seltzer pill" fast fast sanctions relief: Clinton.Gets rid those currency aliments

    Iran imposes FAKE currency cap to combat rial's plunge - 

    #tBOLO Be On Look Out, #Iran #Syria #MOIS #findBobLevinson EX FBI missing , reward $1 mil, Can EXTRACT U &FAMILY TO USA

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U #Iran #Taliban #NkOREA #Iran #MOIS

    Iranians banned from withdrawing foreign currency from banks. Stuck with deprecating RIALS, G Regime plans to freeze Rials in bank accts, G
    Iran arrest 40 currency traders for keeping orderly market,arrogant regime ignorant of function of traders trying to maintain liquid market

    Some Iran banks liquidity problems, stress test Ur bank, withdraw all your funds for day, check liquidity, B 4 2 L8...G

    Ahmadinejad is regime's scape goat for RIAL's continuing crash, NOT HIS FAULT, REGIME brought on sanctions, @khamenei_ir at fault,G @Iran

    @AyeshaBNafees TO @Geraldanthro But for domestic savings, go for anything that it gold or $ or any other!! currency, #Iran

    Ayesha Binte Nafees ‏@AyeshaBNafees
    @Geraldanthro But for domestic savings, go for anything that it gold or $ or anyother!!

    Ayesha Binte Nafees ‏@AyeshaBNafees
    @Geraldanthro No... I dont want Iranians to lose...but talking in pure eco terms, it is a spiral winding down.

    "Cab drivers in Tehran turning in rials for dollars, it's better that we do it now than wait until tomorrow,"

    npr:Hossein Askari,expert:Iranian economy"This is not a one-month thing. It's going to get worse and worse and worse," 

    @AyeshaBNafees:Gerald To be honest,iranians can switch to gold or 4 urgent rescue,$. Otherwise RIAL a total loss,effects of war @fk_akhoonds



    Degreed Anthropologist, w/ series 7 (stockbroker ) & series 3 (commodities futures and options on futures)

    Gerald center, floor NYSE


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