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    Monday, September 24, 2012

    Who trained Taliban's SAS force?

    The new Taliban SAS:
    Our apologies to Paks ISI.

    At first Paradigm Intel indicated
    ISI was behind this new force.
    But as our PI engine turned,
    it came to light who trained them.
    It wasn't ISI.

    Voice of Jihad, the Taliban's propaganda website, released a video that shows some of the fighters involved in the Sept. 14 suicide assault on Camp Bastion resulted in the destruction of six US Harrier strike aircraft and significant damage to two others. The members of the suicide assault team wore US Army uniforms. The fighters are seen receiving a briefing on the assault.

    The faces of many of the members of the assault team are digitally blocked.

    The man, who appears to be the tactical commander of the raid, then gives a briefing in front of a whiteboard that shows a map of a section of the airbase where the assault took place. He speaks in Pashto,while the writing on the whiteboard is in Urdu, a language commonly spoken in Pakistan.

    While the man at the white board maybe tactical commander of the raid, He is not the commander or trainer. The man with his face blocked out cutting the fence is the real leader, he is Afghan Military.

    The men with faces blocked have had dis-mounted drill, they
    don't fidget in ranks.

    Read more:

    This is a suicide attack, they don't expect to return.
    Then why block out faces? Because the faces blocked
    out belong to Afghan Mil forces.

    This is a Green on Blue Attack using Tactics learned
    from US Mil trainers.
    We have read about many Afghan Mil attacks on ISAF forces.

    The use of a white board and troops sitting is US Mil tradition.
    They were wearing US Mil uniforms probably obtained
    during training at US/Afghan bases.

    The white board map is out of a Military Manual

    Not Taliban Issue.

    Sitting around white board.

    Our new analysis of vid places the training
    camp in farm area, 200 feet from public road.
    Farm is at least 1/2 mile wide.



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