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    Sunday, August 26, 2012


    USA, NSA etal has completed its surveillance

    An electronic surveillance program, whose actual name is currently unknown.NSA top-secret surveillance program, the scope of which has never been made public, can track electronic activities—phone calls, emails, banking and travel records, social media—and map them to collect "all the attributes that any individual has" in every type of activity and build a profile based on that data

    NSA said if they looked to see what American it was
    collecting data on it would be a violation of the law.
    And also said they didn't have the resources to even
    do that.(They do use AI to comb for trigger words,
    phrases that will launch an investigation, )

    TRANSLATION: (paradigm intel)
    They collect everything, everything on the WWW,
    and store it.Cell phone conversations,finical data,
    credit cards,debit cards, brokerage accounts, FDIC
    insurance;saving accounts,ATM records,
    and track geolocation of your car and cell phone.
    WORLD WIDE, Russians, Chinese, Vatican.

    In some respects its like a time machine, as they,
    it copies it ALL, and saves it, so they can go 
    back in time to do a search in the recorded,
    saved history.  


    When they get a lead on a terrorist
    perp, they dive into the data base.
    To look into data base and see every American
    WOULD be a violation of privacy.
    And there is so much data NSA doesn't have
    the capability to "read" every one.
    Sites,IRC,cell phone,packets,email,twitter,
    video,just every thing, collected, stored,
    for entire world. its all there on WWW.
    They are collecting so much data they have had
    to build a huge facility to store it all.

    Trapwire: is a  live real time visual surveillance
    program, WORLD WIDE.

    NSA TAPS in to all video feeds they can world
    wide, and runs facial recognition programs
    against a data base of Terrorists, and special 
    interest people.

    Effectively running a live world wide video
    surveillance operation, still a few bugs to work out. 
    But they can pick up subject on video, world wide
    and follow them, and Id every one he meets or talks
    You have your pic anywhere on WWW?
    Then your probably in there data base.
    If they want they can put you under
    video surveillance world wide, and follow 

    Special cases:
    Stuxnet,Duqu,Flame and many others.
    Air gapped computers no longer a problem.
    Iran has provided a training field to
    place live surveillance programs on networks
    not connected to WWW.

    This Iranian demonstration provides testing grounds
    not to track persons, although stuxnet etal
    has that capability, but it tracks a concept,
    Iran's nuclear program, interferes directly
    with it, erases data, gives false readings to
    operators. even has ability to change out
    cyber war heads.

    The speed they have issued new worm/rootkits
    indicates they have a shell they can load with
    different off the shelf penetrators, payloads,
    war heads, IN DAYS. 
    DISCOVER ONE; another hand crafted,
    custom designed worm/rootkits hits you
    days later picking up strings of previous 

    They walk through all known anti-virus
    suites. Over 100 known to be impotent
    to stuxnet suite.

    Paradigm intel indicates Google, Facebook
    Yaghoo etc have been backdoored.

    So with this surveillance suite if you
    become a person of interest, they surveil
    you live real time thru public and private 
    cams, video.

    But you use TrueCrypt 512 encryption,
    your safe, this is NSA. ITS MAIN FUCTION
    IS code breaking, 512 doesn't stand
    a chance.

    It can then turn on your PC video,audio
    and watch,listen to you, read your emails,
    and listen to your cell phone calls read 
    your texts, look at your photos.

    Know who your friends are, even where
    you go on WWW. all your history,
    including porn you have looked at.

    Kinsey would have had a field day
    with this capability.

    With this data they have a good concept
    of what your THINKING about,
    who you know, anything they want.

    But who has access to this SURVEILLANCE
    SUITE? Under what conditions?
    We don't know.

    What we gain in security we loose in privacy.
    Privacy is dead.

    Internet Anthropologist


    Pakistan NOT a democracy till elected PM makes policy,Mil not elected but makes policy, SC could take notice & fix? Mil=power,not elected,G

    US secret cyber defensive arm has capability to take attackers OFF LINE instantly, ending the attack, Iran;s cyber forces easily checkmated

     Organised crime worth £560bn, billionaires owning worth $700billion tax cuts. cut aid to poor to fund it.

     USAmil can crush Iran X5,+cyber,reason US negotiates to save Iranian lives,NO NUKE,USA has your off(cyber)SWITCH,I'VE seen it,G

    Iran is going to war with the worlds most battle hardened force, 11 ys of war, G   Not to mention cyber weapons,G

    US using MARKET FORCES TO DRIVE RIAL INTO GROUND,as weapon against regime, I'm short rial, G

     says has changed policy seeking strategic depth in" &tiger changed his stripes to BLUE? G 

    Why doesn't Pakistan/Afghan created a joint Mil force to pursue talbi across borders BOTH WAYS in HOT PURSUIT? 

    Pakistan &  so proud, OBL.11YR OLD GIRL in prison, killing of Shias,ban polio vac,Baloch,ISI,Sanctuaries,of course USA fault,G

    "Afghanistan Green on Blue" EVERYBODY ARMED - ALL THE TIME, EVERY WHERE, EVERY WHERE, don't wait for back up handle right NOW, G

    MISSED POINT; Taliban playing Afghan against Pak against USA, TALIBAN East & West all part of same, see photo, G

    Because of Stuxnet etal,Iran has created non-eletric method of communication to forward nuke,slow but doable, G 

    Iran testing nuke would indicate complete failure of US, Israel policy &very real threat to millions,twelvers=MAD as incentive to N bombing

    Iran may cross red line,trying to keep it a secret,before US elections, HOPING POLITICAL RESTRAINTS will prevent strike, G

    I share bibi/barak priority on,Iran ,their recalcitrance during negations indicate have not been dealing in good faith,only one objective,G


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