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    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    k2, bath salts, billions$, war on drugs supports sales

    Synthetic mary jane isn't.
    Most know marijuana, its 
    been in use since biblical 
    times. No over doses,
    most get the munchies or go to
    The Feds claim it has no
    medicinal properties, and they
    are just lying, Pharma Cos are
    making a pill form they can sell
    trying to keep home grown illegal
    its a potential Trillion dollar market.

    BACKGROUNDER:( CNBC is too greedy
    to allow embedding of vid )

    A former girl friend was a RN in
    a Boston cancer ward, and risked 
    her career to bring mary jane to 
    the patients. It helped with appetite
    ,dampened nausea, and improved
    attitude, a God send for people
    dying of cancer, I was very proud 
    of her. 
    It helped calm my father after his 
    stroke and added years to his life.

    The 'war on Drugs' has boosted
    prices of drugs, Heroin cost
    $300 in Afghan for a kilo &
    the same kilo sells for $90,000
    in NYC.

    The same paradigm is in effect 
    for the synthetic mary jane.

    Some gas station general stores
    make $20,000 a week off the sales
    of K2 type products. 

    The content, potency, ingredients
    are all unknown in these products.

    In my neighbourhood a 74 yr old
    thought he was taking a hit off a 
    regular joint offered him, he went off
    the deep end and was committed.
    I've seen it in my own neighbourhood
    it is very addictive, unlike mary jane.

    This K2 type of product is LEGAL.

    Mary jane is illegal even though side
    effects are known and non-life threatening.

    The sales of the K2 type product evidence
    the PUBLIC desire for this kind of mary
    jane euphoria.

    The Federal Government tried prohibition
     and finally acknowledged it doesn't work
    and congress rescinded prohibition.
    Alcohol based on Government statics 
    shows alcohol is far more dangerous 
    to the public than mary jane, but
    alcohol remains legal and mary jane

    There are claims that mary jane is a
    gateway drug. BECAUSE it is illegal
    and sold by drug dealers, a self fulfilling
    prophecy, make it legal, for sale in same
    stores selling K2 AND it is no longer
    a GATEWAY drug as drug dealers
    will no longer be selling it AND 
    YOU kill sales of all K2 type products.

    mary jane is much cheaper to produce than
    K2, ITS A WEED.

    The big question is how strong, how much
    a real leader is Obama, he can save lives
    and end the K2 paradigm by legalizing mary

    Who would you rather deal with
    a drunk or someone buzzed on MJ?

    Mexico Dissolves Its FBI and 
    Moves to Legalize Drugs - City Watch 

    Internet Anthropologist



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