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    Friday, August 03, 2012

    Iran war eminent

    Several actions, conditions point to
    war with in 30 days.

    Our exclusive Iran intercept:
    " This month, we will enter Paradise. Imam Khamenei "
    And forwarded to @statedept @deptofdefense 

    From Iran: "War within weeks"

    And Debka's warning of 60% enrichment.
    Many other reporting same.

    USA has the most formidable battle hardened military force
    in the world, 11 yrs of city combat and they spend more 
    than the next 10 militaries combined. 

    And have the most advanced cyber weapons in the world.
    Stuxnet, Dubu, and Flame which have mapped the
    Iranian infrastructure in detail, they have Iran's

    And a concerted currency war against Iran's 
    currency, the RIAL, which is dropping as
    I write this, a drop of 40% in
    value todate.

    USA took out Iraq's mil in 10 days without
    cyber weapons. Iran won't last 7 days once the war

    This war will not be a ground war but combined
    cyber and air war with the help of Israel.

    And will behead the Iranian regime.
    The twelvers dream of a catastrophic war
    is from a pipe as the only disaster will be 
    in Iran.

    The FBI and NSA has shown the ability 
    to defend CONUS against attack.
    And through the use of Flame Iran's 
    counter strike plans are already known.

    This war will be one of the quickest
    and most devastating on record.
    One of USA's biggest problems will be
    how much of Iran NOT to destroy.

    @khamenei_ir is faced with a dilemma.
    As his currency crashes his country will self-destruct
    so he must try for a nuclear weapon(before 
    Iran goes bankrupt) which will trigger the war.
    And he is running out of time, one of Obama's 
    secret weapons are the funds shorting the RIAL.
    causing the next round of devaluation of the RIAL.

    DISCLOSURE: I am short the RIAL.

    The regime must drop the pursuit of their nuke
    or be beheaded.

    The USA is facing tremendous pressure to
    strike Iran from Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    This vid is actual photography NOT CGI.
    It is from the horizon stabilization cameras
    and crew. The two surveillance cameras come
    into view when clouds lift. Note they are
    stereo cameras. Distance between lenses
    suggest resolution of about 6 inches.
    Just one tool against Iran.

    NSA has significant COWS NETWORK 
    watching USA INFRASTRUCTURE now.
    We have demonstrated this function with our 
    Cyber Over Watch on the CIA web site.

    status change in
    The HTTP response is: 200 OK .
    The previous state was: 900.

    And we have seen the capability to take attacking
    computers off line permanently.

    Iran's only hope of survival is to give up their 
    nuke plans. War with Iran also opens the door
    to solving the Syria problem.

    USA's mil is faced with the problem
    of how far back do they set Iran culture,
    The start of the end is near.
    Even Iran's PC's with an air gap
    have been penetrated.

    Iran holds NO surprised for USA.
    Iran faces untold devastation.

    Their only way out is to give up
    nukes, Iran cannot have nukes
    NOW. Maybe later. But not
    this regime of twelvers.
    MAD is an incentive for them.

    Iran has said they will destroy Israel.
    And would view a nuclear conflagration
    as fulfillment of the twelvers paradigm 
    and beginning of the new divine caliphate.
    And bring about the 13th Imam.

    The first sign of the war will be an Iranian
    black out, electric,communication and internet.
    Followed by reports of massive air bombings.

    War Anthropologist


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