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    Saturday, July 28, 2012

    Ops & Intel update July 28,2012

    Bomb attack in Bulgaria ;

    think long hair.

    Paradigm Intel indicates it was not

    a suicide bomber but a DUPE,
    unknowing accomplice.

    His appearance was too authentic,

    his mannerisms clearly points to

    a Western culture.

    The size of his back and chest pack

    indicate some collusion. His front

    pack was so heavy it threaten to

    pull his pants down, so he kept

    his hands in his pockets to hold

    them up.

    The discovery of a remote detonation

    devise also adds to our hypothesis.

    It all points to an Iranian operation under

    a false flag, which would provide cover

    if discovered pre-detonation.MOIS,

    The 'bomber victim' didn't know he was

    to be detonated, he might not have known

    he was carrying explosives, might have

    thought it was drugs,black tar heroin.

    The remote detonating devise says he

    wasn't trusted to detonate himself and

    lack of political motive.

    We doubt he spoke Persian, his handlers

    spoke his native language well.

    And used logical cover story to motivate

    him to transport his burden on this holiday

    bus trip.

    Someone out there knows him, but maybe

    afraid to talk, contact authorities ask for

    immunity, to get this kid justice

    Or contact me with details, anonymously.


    internet anthropologist

    #tBOLO Be On Look Out, #Iran #findBobLevinson

    EX FBI missing , reward,


    "We need warriors to fight enemies, particularly

    in the cyber world right now,"Shawn Henry

    EX-FBI Black Hat keynote

    INFO WANTED ON #SYRIA's biological and chemical weapons,


    Our counter-surveillance team carries IT beyond the wire,
    correlating IPs vs cities,states,often admin drops in just
    looking with lower opsec. IPs are tracked to see where
    else they 'visit' & IP cross vectored for addy,&
    SOCIALLY EXPLOITED. We can be on their mach
    just from their recon, they go active, trip our rules of
    engagement and we pull their plug,we can sit with
    them almost indefinitely w/IPT, We may deploy


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