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    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    Msg from MEK to me.

    Gerald Thanks
    You were missed yesterday at the Biggest gathering
    ever of pro-democracy coalition with MEK:

    one link I found showing clip.

    There were more than 100 000 so many out of the
    meeting place because there was no space.
    The parking was packed.
    This was after Sadekh Kazem (Iranian Intell agent
    Iraqi uniformed criminal) was kicked out of European
    parliament and later arrested by french police. he is
    the head of Iraqi agents controlling the liberty
    concentration camp.
    At the moment in order to squeeze the refugees,
    the Iraqi command have stopped food caravans
    trying to keep meat and fruit under 65 degrees so that
    it would go bad in this way they would not be breaching
    so called agreements. The strange thing is that US and
    UN observers see all these incidents which are geared
    to paralyze the residents and make them go to Iran.

    From my source in MEK



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