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    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    EXCLUSIVEl Iranian resistance report

    From our MEK mole in Iran:

    I only know that inside info certifies that infighting's 
    and differences are too sluggishly taking each high 
    ranking official to the cliff. Each is biding on the 
    toppling of the other.

    it is such a scandal that Khamenei had to openly 
    beg everyone not to work on differences. 
    He used to hide it but it seems that with jokes 
    going on on the streets about the regime's 
    ultimate nailing its own confine.. he realized he
    has to openly announce the "danger any rift" will 
    have on the totality of the regime. 

    He said 'WE CANNOT GO BACK'
    So they are very much engaged with : a growing 
    opposition (MEK), 
    failed plots to kill them, 
    failed plots to buy time in dialogues on nuks: 
    failed plot to export terrorism in various parts of 
    the world: 
    failed plot to bribe way out in oil market ....
    and also 
    failed so called economic reforms !! by AN. 
    I suppose the only ones who do want to believe 
    in the regime are the cowards! lol
    Seriously as  I get inside info in details I will tell you.




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