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    Tuesday, February 07, 2012

    @khamenei_ir is screwd

    @khamenei_ir leader of Iran is screwed.
    The Iranian currency has been in a
    death spiral for over a month.

    The chart looks confusing, its the
    exchange rate between USD &
    Iranian Rial. Price of American
    Cigarettes went from $5 a pack
    to $12 a pack in weeks.

    Iran is an importer of everything.
    Khanenei has to have a strong
    currency to buy/import every
    thing they need.

    With the Rial in free fall no one
    wants to own them, no body wants
    them. The rial is fast becoming the value 
    of wall paper. Dropped -60% in 3 weeks.

    And Khameni is scrambling to make a
    Nuke before his currency crashes, dead lines.
    Maybe 2 months, and that is very generous 
    time line.

    Mean while Stuxnet and Duqu is watching
    everything, even loaded a WAR payload.

    This currency crash caught Obama by surprise.
    They have been ratcheting up the sanctions
    for years, why the extreme move in the Rial
    in the past 3 weeks? 

    The paradigm has been there building just 
    no one to trip it. 
    The ultimate speculators needed to be plugged
    in, hedge funds, once these guys were plugged
    in and fed, we see the results.
    Some one tipped the hedge funds. Who would
    have thought IATT would be allied with
    Wall St Banks, strange bedfellows.
    They can't pass up a big profit.
    We can't pass up a good op.

    So Khamenei has a slow growth Nuke in progress
    and last month he watched as his currency was 

    He raised bank savings interest rates from 14%
    to 20%, to no avail the run on Iranian banks continues.
    So in the past week he is scrambling to build a Nuke
    before his currency becomes worthless.
     But with Stuxnet and Duqu watching, US knows
    exactly where Iran is on its Nuke build job.

    Obama even ordered the cyber payloads switched.
    From a "WAR payload" to "disrupt payloads".
    Iran is running into more problems and difficulties
    trying to enrich material to bomb levels.
    As stuxnet and Duqu screw with the process.

    Khamemei is screwed, if he could get near a
    working nuke bomb US would launch a 48 hr
    Cyber/Air strike stopping the nuke program and
    taking out the regimes leadership.

    But now Obama has discovered he just has to 
    wait for the Rial to shatter and the regime will

    All the new sanctions from here on will produce
    considerable pressure on the rial, even a DEAD
    cat bounces, use any upticks to short the rial.

    The administration has discovered a new weapon 
    of war, destabilizing a currency. We can also turn

    Iran's crash will be painful, but not as painful
    as a nuclear bomb/armed Iran.
    The crash will take down Syria and
    cut funding for IRCG and MOIS terrorism.

    Iran can't make a nuke, the nation is dying,
    currency worthless, elections coming.
    13th Imam obsession terminated.
    Will the Greens be ready to pick up
    the pieces? Which will reverse course
    of rial.

    War Anthropologist
    Stock Broker series #3 ( commodities )
    series 7 ( everything else )

     Gerald on the Floor of the NYSE ( center )


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