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    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Our Mole in Iran, IRCG

    Paradigm Intel.
    We seek sources:
    On Twitter:
    We welcome sources,secure,encrypted,cloaked communications channel will be set up for you #Iran #ISI #Taliban,#alQaeda

    We are taking extraordinary security measures
    to protect our source.
    The Intel for publication has been rewritten
    and edited by 3 people.
    No info about moles are on any PC connected
    to the WWW. G

    Iran's  nuclear program is in great disarray.
    Top level managers don't trust anything
    the computers tell them.
    And they suspect the 'product' is

    A new point of contention is negative
    indicators. A PC may tell them something
    is not working, and the technicians tear it
    apart and can find nothing wrong, put it
    back together to exacting specifications
    and still get  "Fail" message.
    Driving them crazy, suspect Dudu.

    Stuxnet variant still running wild.
    Regime fears all electronic communications
    compromised, mail, hand delivery slowing
    things down.

    Crash of Iranian currency of utmost concern,
    Central banker resigned and was talked into staying.
    It would add to worries if he left now.
    Regime trying to stifle news about rial.
    Blocking texts and Al Jazzra broadcasts.
    Setting artificial exchange rates to thry and hide
    how far rial has fallen.

    Key Nuclear scientist killed with magnetic bomb
    by two men on motor bike.
    Big set back for nuclear program.

    More later.

    War Anthropologist



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