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    Monday, January 09, 2012

    Our ISI mole

    paradigm intel

    We have a mole inside Pak ISI.
    On twitter we post for them.

    Geraldanthro Anthropologist 
    We welcome sources,secure,encrypted,cloaked
    communications channel will be set up for you #Iran #ISI #Taliban,#alQaeda

    Remember the Davis affair?
    US consulate employee Raymond Davis

    The alleged CIA man who shot
    two assailants?

    Well it turns out the two men
    he killed were ISI agents.
    Faizan Haider, 21, and 
    Muhammad Faheem, 19, were 
    used to intimidating Paks, roughing
    up Pak reporters. Were used as
    universal thugs.

    Their job they day they died was
    to intimidate even rough up a CIA
    agent, put the fear of the ISI into
    the company man.

    They pulled their motor bikes
    in front of his car and Davis braked
    for them, not knowing who they were
    When they got off their bikes and 
    pulled their pistols like many times
    they had in the past when harassing
    Paki civilians backfired.

    Davis not knowing them may have
    thought Taliban. And contrary to
    movie lore they are not licensed  
    to kill.

     But Davis was not a Pakistan civilian
    and as soon a Davis saw them draw pistols
    he went into action with his 9mm Glock.
    Shot one through his windshield and the
    other ISI agent turned to run away.
    Davis stepped out of his car and dispatched
    the other suspected Taliban as he was running
    away, the assailant turned to fire and Davis
    killed him.

    Its not nice to FUCK with an CIA agent.

    ISI had an agreement to protect OBL
    and the ISI was always trying to keep
    tabs on CIA and what they were doing
    and who they were meeting. But the CIA
    was too good for even ISI.

    So they decided to try and scare some of
    the CIA agents off, get them to pull in their
    horns. But it didn't work.

    ISI and the Pakistan Military while playing 
    the Great Game were getting played by the
    CIA, playing right through the ISI.

    Even while pretending like the Pakistan
    Mil and ISI were ally's the CIA was to work
    around them and get intel the CIA wanted.

    The US paid $2.4 million to the families so
    Davis could be released, more was actually 
    paid, and the families had to kick back about
    half to ISI.

    We are recruiting more moles, each mole
    has his own team, and the teams never meet
    each other. 

    A secure,encrypted,cloaked communications 
    channel will be set up for you, absolute secrecy.

    ISI is not working towards Pakistans good,
    but to their own ends, we welcome an
    Islamic spring in Pakistan.

    More coming.

    War Anthropologist



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