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    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Iran Rial currency CRASHING

    More of our INTEL

    Iran rial crashing: down 20% in past week,
    Iran's central bank tries to prop up rial
    with $200 million purchases w/US $.

    Iran sets artificial exchange rate 50%
    above real market value, Iranians have lost
    50% of purchasing power.

    Cost more and more rials to purchase US $.

    And stand to lose much more.
    Converting to other currency's is a
    way to preserve purchasing power.

    Many exchanges refuse to sell US $
    for rials at false Gov. exchange rate.

    Iran tries to stall market crash by
    blocking texts with "dollar" in message.

    Iran already running 20% rate of inflation
    which greatly adds to currency crash  risks.

    Iran blocking texts suggest situation is much
    worse than Iran regime admits.

    Former Stock Broker
    series 3 & 7

    ScreenHunter_02+May.+07+16.41.gif (487×322)

    Gerald floor of NYSE (center)

    Chile Gov dumping Iranian rials, G source BSU's

    Disclosure: We have no currency positions.

    Top hedge funds take positions against Rial, source BSU's

    #Iran jamming Al Jazeera broadcasts: document #ccureit Trying to block news abt Iranian currency crashing, G



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