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    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    could US win Afghan war

    More of our INTEL

    Answer is YES, they have done it before.
    US changed its 'war paradigm'.
    The new paradigm is more humanitarian
    and less successful and more expensive.

    The old paradigm used in WWII was
    very effective but with high civilian deaths.
    In both Germany and Japan, the goal
    was to bomb the people into submission.
    Take out civilian centers, fire bomb cities.

    There were virtually NO subversives
    from the civilian populations, they just
    wanted the war to end.

    The new paradigm tries to protect
    civilians rather than target them.
    While there are fewer deaths there
    is more will to support the insurgents.
    And the Taliban is able to refill its ranks
    even though US has taken out 1,600
    mid-level leaders.

    In Germany towards the end there were
    no civilians willing to refill the Nazi ranks,
    they just wanted the war to end.

    In an all out war against a country and
    its people info wars don't really play a
    part, dead bodies and destruction do
    all the speaking.

    This paradigm change maybe a sign
    of human species maturing?
    Giving up the efficiency of total death and
    destruction for a more targeted less efficient

    Its interesting no one has appreciated the growth,
    paradigm shift.

    If this new paradigm ultimately leads to a
    nuclear attack on USA I would expect a reversion
    back to the more successful paradigm.

    War Anthropologist
    ad magnum



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