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    Friday, November 04, 2011

    ISI gave up OBL

    US accelerating withdrawal in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Economic considerations require Mil budget be cut,
    GOP gave Billionaire Wall St Bank families 400 of them,
    $700 billion in tax cuts, more than enough to fund the Mil.
    Also Krazy Karzi claiming to support Pakistan if it came to
    a fight between Pakistan and US, he would side with Pakistan.
    And Pakistans ISI exposed as a defacto terrorist org. OBL mil base,
    Mumbai,  killing reporters.
    Has left a very bad taste in Americas mouth, and a double
    dose of reality, everyone is playing the Great Game.
    American General tells the Truth:

    Our sources and Paradigm Intel, Taliban and ISI reveal
    a clear picture of intent when US leaves Afghanistan.

    The Taliban have been suspending operations in Afghan
    and stock piling resources for a go at the Afghan Gov, with
    ISI's help, looking to establish another Taliban Governed

    There are two Talibans. One in Pak raiding Afghan, and
    a second Taliban in Afghan raiding Pak Government and

    Recently the Taliban in Pak have turned on its masters and
    have been attacking the mil, Naval bases, officers etc.
    The ISI was a total failure in its agreement to protect OBL.

    The ISI agreeded to protect OBL, and the cash flows he represents
    which are considerable. And the $$$ flows from USA in their hunt
    for OBL. ISI was sure they could protect him as US had been sharing
    intel with the ISI.

    The ISI played a fast one with the Taliban and al qaeda,
    ISI was penetrated and when confronted turned over OBL
    with the agreement it would look
    like it was a entire USA operation and run without ISI knowledge.
    Giving ISI deniability. ISI maybe the worlds worst Intelligence agency,
    but one of the Best fantasy spinners.

    But the Taliban didn't buy it and have been attacking the
    Pak mil structure in retaliation for violation of the agreement
    to protect OBL, they know of the subterfuge.

    Omar wants Afghan back, and the Pak Taliban want in on the spoils.
    The Afghan Taliban have been pulling back on attacks in Afghan,
    waiting for the us withdrawal. The attacks in Pak will diminish as
    the ISI aids Taliban in taking over Afghan. After US pulls out, there
    will be a rain, deluge of suicide bombers and assassinations.
    It will be interesting to see haw Karzi fares. Taliban plan to
    take out Afghan Gov. The two groups of the Taliban play the
    Pak's against the Afghani's. Double dealing both Afghan and Pak.

    The ISI is attempting to get control or access to Pak's nukes.
    And the ISI is working with Irans intelligence services, against
    US. And Pak ISI has gotten control of the elements raiding into
    Iran and put a stop to them. A goodwill gesture.

    Iran had offered Pak billions of US d$ in the past for a nuclear
    weapon and Iran hopes to reopen this avenue.
    Iran's nuclear program is in shambles, and they can't trust
    any of their data. And sample after sample fails quality tests.
    Thank you Stuxnet. And we are picking up noise and chatter
    on Israel moving on Iran's nuke toys.

    Because of Pak, ISI recalcitrance in the GWOT, US
    was left with no option but to use drones and hellfires.
    ISI supports and tips terrorist off so US went around
    ISI, and deals with terrorist directly, hellfires.
    US knew ISI was hiding OBL but ISI almost rejects
    computers so US had no idea where he was, but money
    unties the tongue.

    The subject of war between US and Pak is a non-starter,
    Pak spends $6 billion on defense, USA spends $600 Billion.
    Thats 100 to 1 ratio, for every jet Pak has US has 100,
    for every missile Pak has US has 100.
    If Obama cut billionaires tax cuts he could
    double US mil budget.

    Iran isn't missing the point Pak may have the most nuclear
    weapons in the Middle East but US continues to send in
    drones and kill terrorist.

    Pak is caught in a kind of catch 22, if they were to use
    a nuke against US forces the counter strike would be
    catastrophic, devastatingly annihilative.

    The Taliban have admitted US has such technology
    that suicide bombers and IEDs are the only successful
    way to attack US forces.

    If US troops are withdrawn there will be no way to
    successfully attack US forces, and drones and hellfires
    will still be there. While Afghan and Pak Gov can raise
    a stink about the drones there isn't much they can do.
    With US providing air cover there isn't much chance
    of shooting down a drone.

    Afghan and Pak have to limit terrorist attacks in CONUS
    or they invite an invasion, ie Afghan.

    Bottom line is US will not tolerate terrorist attacks in USA.
    And will commit its full military forces to prevent it.

    ISI and the Taliban will have a go at the Afghan Gov,
    But with US no longer forced to use Pak for force resupply
    the US hands are open to other contingencies. Sanctions
    direct action against ISI operatives.
    Withdrawing from Afghan means a whole new game in
    Pak. US can take the gloves off.
    And we will learn of many more ISI operations w/terrorists.

    As the worm turns.

    Gerald Anthropologist



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Interesting analysis with the GOP bashing unwarrantly mixed in. WTF? Is your boy Obama spendthrift?

    8:48 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Heh, Gerald has been corrected many times on his numbers but he refuses to alter his rants.

    Take for instance the $700b he keeps throwing around, it is $700b over ten years. Meaning less than $100b a year.

    Pretty hard to double our military spending by adding less than $100b to the Defense budget.

    Now if Gerald was to look at how much Obama and the Democrats have cut from defense over the past couple years...

    1:22 PM  

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