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    Sunday, September 04, 2011

    War on Drugs Pradigm funds its own FAIL.

    War on Drugs Pradigm funds its own FAIL.

    The war on drugs is a failure.
    Its the biggest funding source for
    many terrorists, several drug cartels
    are fighting for national domination
    threatening legitimate Governments.

    is proof of concept.

    The more successful the war on drugs is,
    the higher it drives prices.
    Its supply and demand.
    If they take a really huge shipment of drugs
    off the streets, the price of the drugs will also

    In Afghan a Kilo of heroin costs $350 purchased
    in Afghan..
    Same Kilo in NYC sells for $70,000.
    Thats a HELL of a profit motive turn
    $350 into $70,000.

    90% of illicit diamorphine (heroin) is thought to be
    produced in Afghanistan ...Heroin - Wikipedia, the 
    free encyclopedia

    If there were no war on drus, if drugs were
    not illegal that kilo of heroin would cost
    $375 in NYC not $70,000.
    The war on drugs has drop kicked the
    profits for drugs some drug cartels making
    $2 million submarines, have standing armies,
    are taking on Governments, Columbia, Mexico,

    If drugs were made legal tomorrow the drug
    cartels would be out of business, and terrorist
    would loose at least half their funding.

    The war on Drugs is a self defeating behavior.
    Drug War drives profits high enough to over come
    the Drug war. The more drugs seized the higher
    the prices go.

    If the USA made Green peas illegal, tomorrow
    the Taliban would be growing them and create
    a black market for Green Peas.

    Did I say to make all drugs legal? NO
    I stated some facts, and I am pointing
    out what the US has been doing with the War
    on Drugs, hasn't worked for the past 15 yrs.
    And we need to quit doing a behavior, the Drug War
    that makes the drug problem worse.
    The Drug dealers in Mexico and Afghanistan are
    killing the civilians, and Americans, and having
    some success at taking over the Governments.

    Time to try something new. War on Drugs has
    made it worse driving prices and profits UP.
    Creating a favorable risk reward ratio for
    the Cartels.They are rolling in money.
    The War on Drugs in its current form is
    a threat to at least 2 countries, Mexico
    and Afghanistan, funding terrorists.

    Taliban have a years supply of heroin stored
    rather than drive prices down by flooding
    the market.

    "There seems little doubt that the combination of
    source area programs, interdiction and domestic
    law enforcement have successfully increased the
    price of illicit drug products to levels that are
    many times higher than would otherwise prevail.
    Cocaine, heroin and marijuana are basically
    agricultural products that require minimal
    inexpensive chemical processing.  If it were not
    for law enforcement, they might sell for prices
    that are comparable to aspirin."
    Source: Abt Associates Inc.

    Marijuana: the feds are just lying about it.
    And their lies hurt their reputation and credibility
    when they talk about other drugs.

    The Fed has Drug companies trying to create sytnentic
    THC in pills so they can tax and control it. And sell it.
    And cut the growers out of the loop.
    for Gods sake its a weed, and the States have
    decided it has medical uses.
    I've seen it used in Cancer wards before it was legal.
    Nurses risked their careers to help the sick and dying.
    Cause the Feds can't admit an error.
    Alcohol is more dangerous than Grass.

    The Federal Government is fighting its citizens on this
    issue, The citizens acting like adults and the Feds acting
    like immature kids.

    The Citizens have the monument on the issue of Grass,
    and are correct.



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