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    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Flight 93, first 911 civilian militia

    Flight 93 was the first 911 civilian militia.
    The US Gov Intelligence agency's failed.
    Terrorist attacked the WTC and Pentagon,
    and were headed for the White House or

    And a group of civilians on flight 93 formed
    a group to retake the hijacked plane or
    DIE trying.

    The terrorist planed for everything very carefully.
    And defeated and evaded all intelligence
    services efforts to protect America. Except
    they didn't count on unarmed civilian Americans
    discovering the plot, and taking them on bare
    handed. These American heroes were common
    American civilians, and were up to the Threat,
    and defeated them. With holding or hiding info
    from the American Public places the Nation at a
    Who is back up for the FBI, CIA and NSA ?
    American Civilians. The terrorist need to keep in
    mind the American Public is an Armed force,
    the right to bare arms is protected in the
    American Constitution.

     America is no longer a soft target, but a combat
    hardened civilian population with 500,000
    embedded ex- and current military members
    in the general population.

    An attack on American civilians resulted in 10 yrs
    war against terrorism and Trillions invested in
    the war against them, even running the risk of a
    depression in America.

    That is how seriously America values its Freedoms.
    USA invaded 2 countries and conquered their
    militarys, and changed the Governments,
    giving the nations back to the people of these nations.

    Attacking America is a loosing proposition.
    Follow the lead of American Wall St Banks,
    to change the American Government, lobbyist.
    Bribes to American Congressmen have allowed
    American Wall St Banks to run a criminal enterprise
    robbing Americans and the world with Sub-prime,
    housing fraud, Usury, and flash crashes on Wall St.

    Terrorist is an EPIC FAIL in changing America.
    They brought a knife to a gun fight.

    After OBL was killed by Americans al qaeda wanta
    bees world wide recognized the futility of terrorism
    as a method of change.

    Islam has shown the way to change with demonstrations
    by the Civilian population.

    We are entering an era of civilian power confronting
    governments and corporations abuses.

    Anonymous mug shots stunned me,
    these are every day people, and there are millions of
    them world wide.

    The powers that Be, need to recognize civilians have
    some power to address  abuse short of terrorism and
    a high success rate.

    Terrorism is dying.
    American Civilians are ready to fight terrorism
    even bare handed.

    American Civilians are NOT making Tea.


    Co "C"


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