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    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Where is Waldo Qaddafi

    From sources inside the beltway we have found reliable before:

    Regarding the location of Qaddafi, there seems to be three likely locations:
    The most likely escape was to Sabha last Thursday, 18 August, or Friday, 19 August and he may have taken up to $5 billion with him. The Sabha Air Base south of the city offers him a flight out, with all the gold, beyond the easy range of NATO. From there he can launch a destabilizing guerrilla campaign himself and control over southern Libya. 

    Less likely:

    His hometown and current stronghold of Sirte for a last stand with all his Scuds.  Qaddafi has better options and knows his narrative ends there.

    Ghadames oasis SW of Tripoli then off to Algeria, sheltered by supporters of his old friend Ben Ali.  Not all that likely as Qaddafi would then be in exile and he sees himself as a Libyan or dead.




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