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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Pakistan Civilian Gov was hiding OBL

    This is quite a paradigm but it fits well.

    Its accepted OBL couldn't have been living on the
    Military base or very near it without some Pakistan
    Military assistance, the question becomes who and
    at what level.

    The State Dept. has concluded upper level Mil and
    Civilian Gov. did not know about OBL. I suspect
    more as a facing saving devise for Pakistan.

    My motive here is to present a hypothesis which
    makes Pakistan more transparent and accountable
    on the World stage.

    I don't mention the State Dept often enough.
    Hillary and the State Department have done
    an outstanding job, in impossible conditions
    and irrational circumstances.

    Their OSINT is second to none, and her use
    of social media is excellent and a early adopter
    of new technology.( Great job Hil.)

    So officially the US Government is turning a
    blind eye to Pakistani culpability.

    Pakistan has admitted thru one of their presidents
    they are not hunting al qaeda.
    Jun 21, 2007

    And thats not to say they have not run operations
    against al qaeda, but mostly it was against an unknow
    enemy which turned out to be al qaeda.
    There is a big difference.

    Our prime suspect is Brigadier Ali Khan.
    Originally we thought the Paki  Mil handler
    would be a hard charging Colonel.
    And were seeking him out on Twitter.
    But a Colonel might not have enough
    experience and contacts at high levels
    to protect OBL, A general is in a much better
    positioned to intervene in unknown contingency's.

    But even the ISI couldn't hide this from the Civilian
    Government, and we think the order to hide OBL
    came from the civilian Government.
    Neither the Pakistan Mil or Civilian Gov could
    risk the other finding out, it had to be a joint
    agreement, to hide OBL.

    Follow the money, the motive is dual,
    one to embrace a second generation
    civilian Milita for use against the Indians
    in Afghanistan.
    The other is to keep the money train running.
    US GWOT aid, and keep the flow of cutting
    edge Mil technology flowing into Pakistan.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: #Pakistan ISI knew
    OBL turned the tables on the Pakistan Government.
    He turned the handler, the General was so influenced
    with 7 yrs with OBL that he started recruiting from
    the General staff, and has some converts.
    He even grew a beard.

    He was arrested 4 days after OBL was killed.
    The charges were amazingly astute.
    On 5 May, he was invited to a meeting by his former student and now his boss, Lieutenant General Javed Iqbal at the army headquarters.
    The question that officers were asked at this meeting was how to pursue an inquiry into the 2 May raid.

    Gen Kayani's attitude towards the US was criticized by Brig Khan
    One officer present in the meeting said all had been going well until it was Brig Khan's turn to speak. In his opinion, the culprits who had hidden Bin Laden and allowed the Americans to get away with breaching Pakistan's sovereignty were to be found within the army.
    Gen Javed Iqbal was furious at the end of the meeting. As it turned out, Brig Khan's views were not those of a lone wolf - he had managed to persuade some of his fellow officers of the veracity of his case.
    Major-General Athar Abbas and 4 Majors, also arrested.
    Gen Iqbal promptly told the corps commanders what had happened the following day at a meeting chaired by Gen Kayani. That same evening Brig Khan was arrested.

    The alleged charges are not for hiding OBL  but supporting
    a "terrorist" org. Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT) is an Islamist party that rejects democracy, is working to establish an Islamic caliphate globally, and is active in over 40 countries including Pakistan.

    The preliminary charges allowed them to expand
    the crime to supporting OBL, if the Pakistanin
    Gov.s culpability for hiding OBL was exposed,
    if not they could just drop the Charges,
    and the arrest kept him away from the CIA and
    Paki press.

    However on June 28, 2011 it was reported that Brigadier Khan was to be released soon as not enough evidence had been found to formally charge him. Surprise.

    Brigadier Ali Khan was livid at US Mil ability to
    violate Paki air space without discovery.

    Pakistan's reaction to the death of OBL has
    been nothing less than seminal. And leads
    to one conclusion.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pardigm Intel ISI was hiding OBL
    Pakistan has been supporting terrorism.

    While Pakistan ISI alleges they don't know
    where the Taliban TTP are we have had no trouble
    tracking their webmasters and spokesperson
    form 7000 miles away, even what plane he
    was on?

    Pakistan has been playing the aggrieved party in the OBL death.
    Why wasn't the Pakistan or Mil told of the raid?

    The Taliban SPIT in face of ALLAH=
    but continue to be supported by ISI?

     What does Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha have to screw up to get fired? Mumbai,OBL, , Spy manuals to al qaeda WTF

    Ignoring what Pakistan has said, and looking at what
    they have done leads one to wonder how big a partner
    Pakistan has been to al qaeda and the Taliban.

    But it maybe coming back to bite them in the ass,
    as the Taliban support political murder in Karachi.

    Civilian supremacy over military:
    If not NOW,
    If not U,
    Or U gona make TEA?

    Will this be another Black period in Pakistans
    history? Its up to the Pak people.

    could be so GREAT, beautiful, peaceful, prosperous. WHEN? G
    Can Pak's walk like Egyptians?


    I was excited when I wrote this:
    Sorry for leaving link out.
    And I think second article?

    More support there:Saudis?



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