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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    @StateDept head up its Ass

    Ok lets think how the State Dept could really
    damage the GWOT.

    Aside from casting aspersions on its credibility,
    and integrity, lets move everyone in the Middle
    East towards helping the terrorist, and not trusting

    Lets sabotage the bounty paradigm, make it
    useless, a joke. And kill the trust built up in the
    US and its efforts to defeat terrorism.

    State Dept offered $5million reward Fazul A Muhammad 
    and now is refusing to pay it to the Bounty to check point guards.

    That will make it easier to bribe the guards into
    just letting the terrorist go, as US won't pay bounty
    any way.

    And the Taliban and al qaeda will make hay out of that.
    Jeeze lets shoot our selves in both feet, then whine
    about no cooperation.

    Every terrorist caught now will point to the US failure
    to pay a promised bounty. and improve their chances
    of bribing their way out of capture.

    Decesion make US out a liar.
    I wonder why ME doesn't trust US?

    How much good will and future terrorist 
    captures will this cost US?

    And the Bull Shit about US not endorsing
    bounty hunting is embarrassing.
    If you don't want to endorse bounty hunting


    The US budget should NOT influence the
    integrity of the State Dept.
    Thats just cheesy and cheap, and transparent.

    Stop treating our allies as idiots.
    Besides lying about the bountys you
    offer what else are you lying about?

    Quit screwing with American integrity.

    War Anthropologist



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The state dept spends more than that on liquor and food every year.

    2:12 AM  

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