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    Thursday, June 02, 2011

    Paradigm Intel: #SaleemShahzad's assassin.

    Paradigm Intel: 's assassin.

    Paradigm Intel is not to be confused with trail evidence.

    One is used in a court room and the other
    is used for Intelligence purposes.

    Paradigm Intel (PI) is pretty clear on the
    murderers of  .
    And the Organization responsible for
    the deaths of many of the 70 jurnos
    killed in Pakistan.

    The insurgents, Taliban and al qaeda
    have been ruled out.

    ISI is guilty according to all indicators.

    A primary indicator is their failure to
    catch even one murder of the 70 reporters
    killed. Some say its just incompetence,
    The statics say other wise, they indicate
    its culpability.

     himself pointed his finger at ISI
    before he was killed in a Email.
    They threatened him three times.

    ISI maintains his feelings about the interactions
    with ISI were in error, all 3 times.
    We trust his gut reaction, especially in view
    that he WAS killed.

    ISI maintains it was is coincidence.

    ISI was after his sources inside ISI,
    even asked him for them.

    The victim reported he was under 

    He had marks of brutal Torture,
    and all his note books and
    diaries were stolen.

    They were able to extract his

    The method of his execution,
    shot to the stomach and the
    number of victims around
    70, suggest an Serial murder and 

    Their are two men of Interest in this case:
    Rear Admiral Adnan Nawaz or Nazir.
    Commodore Khalid Pervaiz:

    Both of whom have had official meetings
    with the victim and he documented threats from.

    Rear Adm. Adnan Nazir, director general of the ISI's media wing,
    runs a huge propaganda net work to influence popular opinion.
    He is running a huge Anti-America hate campaign, spreading bizarre
    Conspiracy theories. Blaming America for any and all problems.

    Many Pakistan reporters have been killed to try and control
    spin and information the public gets, as part of ISI's
    Infowar. Killing their own.

    Commodore Khalid Pervaiz: was in charge of the Naval base,
    recently attacked by TTP, Taliban, and the victim had disclosed
    information about Paki Navy moles reporting intel and data to
    the Taliban.

    Both these Gentlemen have Means, Motive, and Opportunity. 

    And Paradigm Intel points to one of them a member of the leadership of ISI 
    being the assassin of  and a Serial murder,Psychopath.

    And U.S. reports the  Pakistan partnership on mend: ???

    We continue to work our leads and collect evidence.
    We thank everyone who has sent in leads, keep them 
    How to report a lead Covertly, in secret safely

    War Anthropologist

    .Opened Wiki for Investigation of Shahzad assassination. 


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Twitter: nahaltoosi Nahal Toosi

    Seen in Islamabad airport: Pakistani army general, carrying slain journo Saleem Shahzad's book. #Pakistan

    8:36 AM  

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