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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    @Lulsec alternate Paradigm & other Intel, Ops Intel.

    An alternate paradigm for Lulzsec is out there,
    but explains the CIA, NSA FBI, impotency.
    But as carefully as the FBI guards its reputation
    it feels doubtful.

    From a source inside Gov.
    "Hacker groups attract lone wolves, the most dangerous 
    and unpredictable kind and we need that kind of bait.  
    You'll see individual perps busted as needed when they 
    get publicity.  The rest get left alone to provide a bait platform.

    Remember the surveilled hackers unknowingly provide 
    valuable intel on our weaknesses and the weaknesses of 
    our enemies............for free. "

    But they are THIS SMART?
    i WANA believe it but never seen this kind of guts and smarts in
    Gov agency before. G

    The spy game:
    Iran regime thinks they busted a big spy network.
    Story broken:

    From another Gov source:

    Globalization and the money-making ventures, that are web 
    connected, make the whole world a very small place.

    Iran is also a very paranoid place that tries to balance 
    global economic connections with internal security and 
    it's a losing game for them.

    The others: Hobertson Advisors, Deon Capital, & Nuevara 
    International are legit businesses.

    The others:
     Technical Hiring, Engineer One, Marketing 
    Research Association are likely bogus names.

    Email me for rebuttal.


    Reliable source in Pakistan:
    Shahzad led an extraordinarily risky life.  I am amazed he lived this long.  When he outed the Pak Navy, they almost certainly ordered the hit through ISI-connected operatives.  This was a Pak Navy move, very unlikely the orders came from ISI.

    ISI has a lot of contractors, paid hitmen that work for anyone and live in the shadows. 

    He was beaten to death with clubs.  No other kinds of injuries.
    The puncture wounds were caused by broken ribs.  He died a slow painful death.  It was something personal and meant to intimidate others.

    BTW, somebody erased Shahzad's phone call log from the cell providers system. 


    From new untested international source, FYI.

    Turkey has had it with Kurds PKK attacking them and running to Syria to hide.  US has the goods on Syrian nuke weapons.  Looks like a run up to taking out Assad when Libya settles down.  Turkey is very afraid that the Syrian refugees will bring protests to Turkey so they are setting up some very comfy refugee camps for long term and boxing them in, no travel and there is a news blackout on all the camps.

    Secret planning for Turkey to invade Syria, lots of Syrian troop mutiny.  Sunnis hate the Alawite command.  Pressure cooker there.

    Rumors that Hamza bin Laden made it to Syria to Latakia to his mother's family the Ghanems and is organizing the Sunnis there with $ and help from the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt cooperating with Z.

    3 way fight coming Sunnis, Alawites and Shias.


    War Anthropologist

    More coming waiting for Opsec clearance.

    Facebook group, counter-surveillance spotted 20 of you,
    all using same Proxy,  Tracking BSU's deployed.



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