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    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Load your Hunny Pot with Ebola

    White hats need to think like Black hats.
    They Have APT Advanced Persistent Threats,
    Invisible persistent, regenerative Rootkits,
    And delivery systems to put them on your
    PC's, networks and servers.

    They steal and plunder, rape and pillage
    Networks, stealing intellectual property.

    We need to look at this problem as a hacker.
    We do not have to deliver the nasty to their
    PC or network. They will steal it.
    And move it on to their own properties.

    We have proof of concept, in the anti-computer
    theft programs. When someone steals your note
    book the program is turned on and it phones home
    even turning on the camera or mics, recording
    the perp.

    Lost or stolen computer/laptop world-wide tracingsoftware

    Your hunny pot could have some of these type
    programs hidden in it, even your own persistent
    rootkit, even a nuke.

    If it turns out the untraceable hacker can't be
    prosecuted, you can nuke his equipment.
    You don't track hacker, your stolen files
    phone home.

    But I get ahead of my self, one no longer has
    to track the hacker, just have the payload
    he stole call home and report its location,
    IP, email adr, personal name, phone number,
    Bank accounts, screen names and copies of 
    all emails and his associates names sent back
    to the victim.

    If they live in a country where they can't 
    be prosecuted, kill his computer equipment.

    Destroy the server he stores his stolen booty
    on and let him explain to the host what happened.

    This system would have several fail safes built in,
    where by it couldn't be ignited on owners system.
    And there are multiple methods to do this.

    Soon we would see cyber theft drop significantly. 
    As they realize the risk they run of stealing a remotely
    detonated and infecting their systems with a rootkit.
    Let them steal a rootkit from you, let your immigration
    run wild with the payloads you could equip it with.

    You could spot hacks and thefts you did not even
    know about, just turn on the call home feature and
    see if a stolen payload responds.
    Chinese proxy, I don't care I can now see who is
    holding my stolen pay load, and can surgically
    target them and use the rootkit to collect exacting
    foolproof evidence for prosecution or expose them
    to the worlds press.

    The US cyber wet teams may even get a work out.

    Turn the forces of darkness against the hackers.
    Stolen payloads self destruct by remote command.

    Huge opportunity for AV vendors.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US Intelligence not recruiting blackhats  Why? they won't come.G

    'U.S. to Respond to Computer Sabotage With Military Force' We called it in 2010= 
    rootkits That can self-heal and reinstall after a system has been cleaned .  


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