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    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    ISI guilty of TREASON

    ISI disgraces Pakistan.

    Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI
    Also known as Insurgent Support Institute.

    Well known for killing reporters, 74 dead to date.
    Preliminary Saleem Shahzad Assassination Investiga...

    Report leads on Shahzad murder here:'s+Leads+Investigation

    Lower ranking officers involved in OBL support
    in living on Paki Mil base.
    Standard operating procedure, to allow
    Gen. Officer to deny knowledge.
    Read Mullen's  carefully worded statement.

    According to ISI they were just incompetent.
    Missed OBL living on Mil base for 5 yrs.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ISI waving the Taliban Flag

    WHY does the Paki Military, ISI make foreign policy?
    And not the Civilian Government?

    And the Mil makes the laughable claim that
    the Civilian Gov is Supreme.
    If  Civilian Gov Supreme, Why is ISI leaking intel to Insurgents? Is ISI running things? Making foreign policy?  

    Sydney Morning Herald: Pakistani intelligence, ISI 'tipped off' insurgents - 

    CIA chief met with Paki Army head and ISi head, NOT Pakistan pres. Guess that tells us who is running the country and where the power is, G

    Definitive proof ISI involved in Mumbai
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Mumbai Internet Chase

    Lashkar-e-Taiba, or LeT Working with ISI on
    Mumbai attack:

    10 LeT operatives arrived on India’s coastline in rubber speedboats. They injected themselves periodically with a mix of cocaine and LSD calibrated to keep them energized and awake for what lay ahead: a three-day, nonstop stream of gunfire and explosions that shook Mumbai.

    The young men had trained for the operation months in advance in an LeT camp and had been supported, in part at least, by Pakistani ISI authorities. They attacked, shot, blew up, burned, tortured, and finally killed almost 200 people of 10 nationalities.

    At first Pakistan’s government denied any involvement by its citizens. But faced with a mass of evidence — phone calls, e-mails, the confession of the lone surviving attacker — Pakistan relented and made a few half-hearted arrests of low-level terrorist associates. Otherwise, LeT remained untouched and largely unknown. It hardly went underground, though; to this day, it maintains a massive headquarters in the Lahori suburbs with almost 200 acres that includes a mosque, a madrassa, and a farm. Well known to ISI.

    In the days after the Mumbai bombings, investigators from the U.S. and India sprinted along the electronic trail left by the bombers and found LeT’s list of potential targets. Mumbai was one of more than 300, not just in India but scattered throughout the Western world. Authorities never released the target list, but arrests in Denmark and Spain appeared to be linked. The investigation illustrated how far apart the ideologies of America’s and Pakistan’s security services had drifted. Former allies against the Soviets had become something murkier. And now Lashkar-e-Taiba, it turned out, had global ambitions.

    Director of National Intelligence and United States Navy Admiral, Dennis C. Blair, told U.S. senators that the Pakistani state and army meanwhile draw clear distinctions among different militant groups.[54] While there are links between the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, they appear to be sufficiently distinct for the Pakistani military and ISI to treat them very differently.[55]American officials said that the S Wing of the Pakistani ISI provided direct support to three major groups carrying out attacks in Afghanistan: the Afghan Taliban based in Quetta, Pakistan, commanded by Mullah Muhammad Omar; the militant network run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar; and a different group run by the guerrilla leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, all considered a strategic asset by Pakistan in contrast to the TTP run by Hakimullah Mehsud, which has engaged the Pakistani army in combat.

    Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan Statement Eulogizes Usama bin Laden

    ISI insulted CIA didn't alert them to OBL raid, New cooperation: and then ISI informs insurgent bomb factory of pending raid.

    Can  Civilian Government bring Military& ISI under Civilian control?Killing Reporters,tipping off Insurgents,ISI guilty of TREASON?

    When will Pakistan bring ISI under control, or disband them?
    Put them on trail for Treason?

    Paki Mil defense in depth using Taliban paradigm idiocy.

    War Anthropologist

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IATT Cyber capabilities


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is Pakistan's ambassador to the USA, Husain Haqqani, related to the Haqqani that are causing trouble?

    2:02 AM  

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