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    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    I miss my Father

    Dad was a MAN, only finished 8th grade.
    But his outdoor skills were legendary,
    Fishing, salt water, fresh water,hunting,
    tracking, Trapping, Boating, camping in
    winter and rest of year.

    I could get book learnin from books,
    but nature learnin I got from him.

    One year we had to take down our
    deer camp tent with a baseball bat,
    many heavy snows and melts left
    the tent with walls of Ice.

    He knew the local river like the back
    of his hand, he would catch bass,
    and attach a balloon line and turn fish
    loose, and watch where it went to find
    where the Bass were hanging out.

    He could see things I couldn't even when
    he told me where to look, deer, mushrooms.
    Eyes like an eagle.

    Tracking he could tell if it was a buck or doe
    by where it was in relation to the other deer tracks.
    And he never lost a blood trail.
    Some times we would sleep in the woods on a
    blood trail until daylight to take up tracking again.

    The first time I watched him clean a animal he
    trapped I was aghast. He reminded me if needed
    these skills could always feed the family.
    He had it rough during the depression.
    And he marked me in blood on my cheeks
    Indian like, I wore the marks to school
    but the nuns made me wash it off.
    All the guys loved it.

    He bought me a 22 cal single shot rifle for
    small game hunting, but no bullets, made
    me play him poker to win bullets, went
    a whole week before I won any bullets,
    sure didn't waste them bullets.

    He did literally throw me into the water
    to learn to swim and then dove in after
    me when I was having trouble and taught
    me to swim.

    He knew all the edible plants, and
    we often had sassafras tea, Rootbeer,
    in the woods.

    He wasn't a big believer in book learnin
    but encouraged me, only agreed to buy
    me set of encyclopaedia's if I agreed to read
    them all, I did.

    God I miss Dad.




    Blogger seabrznsun said...

    Great fathers carry on from generation to generation in their sons and daughters.

    10:58 AM  
    Blogger seabrznsun said...

    The images of a father is carried forward from generation to generation through their sons and daughters. Genetics is not involved, merely actions.

    11:05 AM  

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