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    Tuesday, June 07, 2011

    Afghan Taliban grief striken OR

    Afghan Taliban dumb struck for past 56 hrs.
    No attacks, radio silence, no massing anywhere, just quiet.

    3 strikes on Monday all in a 30 km area.

    Around Wana, the headquarters of South Waziristan Agency.
    At least 18 killed in this blitz.
    1st compound in Shalam Raghzai area, killing five people.
    2nd  in Wacha Dana area 2 km away from first attack.
    3rd eight hours later in the Dray Nishtar area, which lies on the border with North Waziristan at 10:45 am, about 30 kilometres from the site of the other two raids, US drone fired two missiles on a vehicle driving away from area.

    All dead were ‘Punjabi Taliban’ from the group of Hafiz Gul Bahadar group.

    Big meeting going on, coming from or going to, all key parties
    tracked and killed. 

    So the Afghan Taliban were struck dumb by drone
    attacks in Pakistan?

    TTP was tipping US off? 

    Boy those OBL papers are working out real
    well, OK who is Next?
    Muhammad Ilyas Kashmiri 
    replacement please stand and raise his hand?

    Is Kashmiri's death got them so bummed out
    or did they really get Omar.

    The radio silence has me concerned.
    If it was just a death that wigged them out
    I don't see the radio silence.

    Paradigm Intel suggests it may be a hit
    on CONUS, and they went dead so as
    to try and not be blamed.
    Or to provide heavy Opsec, nobodys
    talking about any thing.

    Taliban starts behaving and it feels creepy.
    No attacks, no massing no radio traffic.

    We have deployed more BSUs,
    pushed LP out,
    and pulled up all moles.
    Al qaeda has asked all members
    on forums to check in and post.

    And I remind you of aq threat to attack

    What do you think?
    Post ideas comment in Comments

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