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    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Stuxnet Evolves:

    More of our INTEL

    The evolution of Stuxnet has been announced.

    The capibilitues of the Stuxnet, worm, rootkit malware
    are remarkable.

    We have seen its Rootkit facet in hiding the
    truth of what is actually going on with
    the centrifuges. They malfunction by
    order of Stuxnet and it forces the computer
    to report every thing is fine.

    Stuznet could do the opposite.
    Report a machine or part is malfunctioning
    when its fine. Forcing the shut down of that
    component or section till it can be replaced,
    again and again.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Smoking Gun, Stuxnet architect.
     the suspected Stuxnet architect.
    Has already done that in an exercise setting.
    Deceiving the system operator (or whomever) into thinking that
    the system (e.g. transactional server) is experiencing some type of
    mechanical failure is a very viable attack.

    Back in 2000, he wrote a program that simulated a hardware failure
    on well-known UNIX platform as part of a security/system
    administrator test for a LARGE organization.  his code contained
    valid support numbers, e-mails and error codes.   The "failure"
    notices were randomize and the system "complained" that it was in
    various levels of "panic."  The vendor sent engineers from around
    the US to repair the system.  They replace CPUs, memory chips,
    motherboards and encryption boards.  Sadly nothing corrected the
    "ghost in the machine" problem and the system was offline for two
    weeks (that is when he remove the code).  The security/system teams
    failed the exercise.

    Our paradigm intel has spotted this activity in
    the wild and for Opsec reasons will not be posting
    about it.

    Iran is still fighting with Stuxnet a  IPR ( Invisible Persistent Rootkits )
    We wrote about them 5 mos before Stuxnet was discovered.

    Just as confliker's paradigm allows it to persist even with
    years of efforts to kill it, So to does Stuxnet's paradigm allow
    it to persist regardless of Iran's efforts to remove it.

    also outlined how a modified Stuxnet
    could take control of key systems in Russian tanks.

    Computers As Weapons Of War

    John Bumgarner, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit. 
    Our research and sources have confirmed vulnerabilities
    in the American Electrical infrastructure to Stuxnet type
    cyber attacks.

    And just as Irans centrifuges are susceptible to Stuxnet
    so are all nuclear cooling vulnerable to a Stuxnet type

    More of John's unclassified study on the Russian/Georgian
    Cyber Conflict of 2008 was published publicly.   This research is
    being used throughout the world in military universities as a case

    Below are some of the articles from 2009 that mentioned this
    research: jhtml?articleID=219400248 icleID=219400367 attack-fears.aspx
    amp;id=14121&Itemid=125 ordinate-attacks-on-Georgian-websites.html battlefield-cyberspace/

    The Wriggling Threat Targeted Attack Scenarios By John Bumgarner

    Published one month prior to the
    worm....outlined how to improve the exploit code from Xfocus and HD
    Moore.  The worm author(s) used the paper to write the

    All of which points to the importance of harding civilian
    network against cyber attacks and the importance of
    an cyber offensive force to deter cyber attacks.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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