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    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Smoking Gun, Stuxnet architect.

    Smoking Gun, Stuxnet architect.

    If malware can be Art,
    Stuxnet be its name.

    Is one of the possible architects of Stuxnet, US Gov. Uber hacker #JohnBumgarner ?
    Paradigm Intel has suggested that the United States was the author
    of Stuxnet {malware} that destroyed the gas centrifuges at Iran's
    Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.
    To date no real evidence has been presented that links the US to
    Stuxnet.   Our BSU's have finally uncovered a creditable link.
    BSU's discovered an obscure article in public documents written by
    John Bumgarner, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Cyber
    Consequences Unit.

    For some unexplained reason all the major news agencies missed this source in all their research into Stuxnet.

    It seems that the article was written primarily for an “information
    operations (a.k.a. computer network attack)” audience {very
    interesting}.   Within the article he discusses launching a ‘covert
    cyber strike’ against a nation that has violated international
    treaties for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons {Iran?}

    He goes on to discuss the most likely target for such a covert
    cyber attack.  His target was the “gas centrifuges” used for uranium enrichment
    { thats what Stuxnet targeted?}.    Have you ever wonder
    how you might destroy a gas centrifuge with a cyber attack?  John outlines the attack technique within his article.  He states that by manipulating the rotationally frequency of the centrifuges you can cause a “catastrophic failure” of these
    delicate devices. Same as Symantec stated stuxnet
    did in their blog posting on November 12, 2010?

    Ralph Langner state at the TED conference in March that his
    stuxnet analysis uncovered the same thing?

    John’s article was published months before Symantec’s revelation or
    Langner’s proclamation about stuxnet’s target and attack method!!
    His article was also published months before the Belarusian
    antivirus company discovered stuxnet!!

    Some possible Paradigms:

    Could he be one of the architects of Stuxnet?

    Did he have insider knowledge of the pending attack {US government

    Did he just make an educated guess about the exact target and the
    exact attack technique?

    I assume that there were lots of black ops people {intelligence,
    military} that knew what the target and attack technique would be
    in an “Iranian cyber attack scenario.”

    But, no matter in our eyes John is the definitive Uber Hacker.

    Our First lead, the Chinese translation the article:

    So does John’s article prove that Stuxnet was a creation of the
    United States {NSA}.  Maybe or maybe not, but it does make for a
    compelling argument that the US had forehand knowledge of a pending
    attack against Iran’s nuclear systems, but so did Israel and some
    have even speculated that even the Chinese may have written

    Although the evidence is not conclusive the United States does
    looks to be the designer of the worlds first Uber Worm, rootkit,
    with artificial Intelligence, and a self-defense mode. (another
    attack technique that John has written about)

    John’s article also talks about embedding malicious code into
    Russia’s main battle tank the T-95.    Is there more to this attack
    scenario to come……

    We also uncovered another paper John wrote back in 2005, which
    suggests that more technologically advance and stealthier cyber
    attacks are coming.  The paper highlights at least 12 techniques!!
    Some of those techniques include how cyber attackers need to become
    more targeted in their efforts {check}, that malware would need to
    employed self-defense capabilities {check – but not to the level
    that he outlines}, that malware needs to self-aware capabilities
    {nope}.  He even talks about a “sleeper worm” that uses advance
    techniques to hide covertly until it is instructed to spring into

    We also found that John recently gave a lecture in London on how to
    develop better cyber weapons!!  More on that later…….

    I think John is the closes we have come to one of the double super
    secret uber hackers that I've written about.  John is definitely
    one of the USA's preeminent Hacker.

    Rara Avis.

    John Bumgarner is a celebrated “über-hacker” with 18 years of service in Special Operations and intelligence. His private sector certifications include CISSP, GIAC (Gold), and duel Masters degrees in Information Systems Management and Security Management. And we have connected him to the CIA and NSA.

    Our sources indicate Iran is still 'raslin' with

    War Anthropologist, ad Magnum

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    I heart Stuxnet. 

    Index of our Stuxnet paradigm intel: Reaearch:

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      .Who do you think is behind Stuxnet?
      Comments open.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Someone needs to buy that man a beer.

    8:53 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Mosquito forerunner of Stuxnet … we spotted in 11/01/2006 … middle of page, G

    Saw it in 11/01/2006

    "USA army paradigm. Mosquito squad infecting Al Q computers with malaria virus, weakening them by stealing email address books, banking info and reading their email on their PC's. Logging web sites which they connect to. "
    In middle of page, G

    3:33 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    identified in David Sanger's book Confront and Conceal as a mastermind of the Stuxnet project, Cartwright is also one of the most politically contentious military officers in Washington, Gen. James Cartwright. The former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff .

    2:49 AM  

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